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Extrajudicial killing of my son: Police will know no peace on earth ~ by Benedict Obi

Benedict Obi

I hereby draw the attention of the world to the wicked, inhumane, and devilish killing of my beloved son, Chinedu Obi by the Police, right in the premises of the Police Station at Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, on the 19th of July 2019.

He was a final year student of the University Port Harcourt. He was 26years old then, and he also loved music as his additional pursuit before he was killed.

The story went that my son, Chinedu, had quarrel with a phone seller because of a transaction that was made, and he was not satisfied.

Being a stranger there, the phone seller quickly called for the Police. He was taken to the Station.

It was said that he became irrational and picked up an axe kept somewhere by the Police and was pursuing everyone in the station. What a lie.

They resulted in beating such a young boy, stripped him to his boxer( pant ) and put him on chain. That was not enough, a Police Officer then shot him from behind at his waist region.

While on the ground in the pool of his blood, he begged for his phone so that he could talk to his father. They refused and were even cursing him and his father.

All these happened in the day, not night and was captured on video by a good Nigerian.

My son drained his blood there on the ground of the Station and died. The Police thereafter cleverly took the body to the mortuary.

Even the DPO of that Station is trying to justify such a wicked act. They will not escape God.

My son did not have any criminal record but was killed as a criminal. What a heart break to my family and others.

I hereby declare that all that contributed to death of my innocent son, will know no peace on Earth with their families, including all the so called Police Officers of that Station.

God of Justice will surely judge them all.

I want to sincerely thank the Federal Government of Nigeria for steps the Distinguished Senators have been taking on this matter.

This is a Government that believe in Justice for all.The world is waiting and watching to see the outcome of this touching incident.

The body is still with the Police, not yet buried.

I once again thank the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is already a year now.

Our expectations will not be cut short.

Benedict Obi

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