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Fake marriage promise and quick sex syndrome

Fake marriage

I have decided to delve into social life commentary and digress from my regular high-tech political analysis so that we can help one another observe decorum and ethical conducts, detect fraud in social relationship and avoid being consumed by the rampaging forces of deceitful men looking for virtuous damsels to destroy.

Since the government of the day has failed the people to the extent that hunger, economic hardship, misery, penury, poverty, inflation and depression have become the order of the day, the people should learn to fend for themselves. 

There is an African adage which says that somebody who is rejected by others should not reject his or herself.

Emphasis shifted from political discourse to social discourse because the federal government is so self-opinionated that it does not consider contrary opinion and constructive criticisms for good governance useful. 

The adamant nature of the government on objective suggestions and deluge of positive ideas in the public domain has unfortunately led to tension and turmoil in the country’s political hemisphere. 

We are already aware of the prevalence of the killer herdsmen ravaging most parts of the country shedding innocent blood; non- surrendering dare-devil Boko Haramists that have wrecked incalculable harm to the North-East; pipeline vandalizing Niger Delta militants that have posed dangerous threats to the economy and the separatist Biafrans that tend to cast aspersion on the legitimacy of this government.  

Instead of wasting my precious time, money, energy, intellect talking to a government which does not listen and not ready to listen, I think it is better to talk to my fellow young country women on how to develop their potentials and visions to the fullest by escaping the trap of smart and dishonest men who are out to desecrate their womanhood, deceive them and destabilize their confidence.

As a socialite and social researcher, I have come across many vulnerable, honest and virtuous women who have had their confidence thwarted under the guise of “Marriage” in the hands of dubious men.

Nevertheless, we shall continue to talk to government to halt impunity and do the right thing. If those in power like, let them listen and if they do not like, let them not listen. 

Nigerians have learnt strategic ways of humiliating bad leaders during next elections.

As a writer and an activist, I shall continue to wage strong war against impunity in public office for posterity sake whether our leaders listen, like it or not. 

There is an African adage which says that a chicken carried by the Bird to the air is not crying for its captor to release it but for the world to hear its cry. 

The general public will bear my colleagues, me in the media and civil society witnesses that we have not abandoned the struggle for enthronement of good governance and best practices in public offices despite abuses and impunities in government places like the harassment and persecution of the opposition.

In analyzing victims of fake marriage promise and quick sex syndrome, two classes of women are brought to mind namely:

1. The wayward type who are profiled by prostitution, commercial sex work, poor or no education background, unemployed and without sound vision of tomorrow and,

2. The non-wayward type who are profiled by discipline, integrity, good education, self-respect, spiritual soundness, employed and sound vision of being a good wife, mother and leader in the future. 

Although, the profiles of these two classes of women can overlap into each other, the classification is not watertight; the emphasis is on the non-wayward type with little or no attention on the wayward type. 

Experience and social research has revealed that when women are advancing towards the age of thirty and there is no husband or potential husband, such women are caught up by jittery and tension for not having a husband or potential husband. 

This is worsened by the family of such women and larger society which stigmatizes and ostracizes such women as failures, cursed and evil. In the circumstances, such a woman becomes frustrated and desperate for anything in trouser as a husband. 

It is such state of desperation and self-help that you see a virtuous, hardworking, well-employed and well paid lady falling prey to a smart, dubious and deceitful man with a fraudulent marriage offer. 

Such dubious men easily profile such women and easily decode that such women need marriage quick-quick and they do not waste time as it cost nothing to propose such spurious marriage offer to the so-called frustrated and desperate women. 

In the process, the woman will fall flat to the smart gay engaging in series of unprotected sex with him without prior text after all it is a marriage affair; release her car keys; bank account details and house keys to the wonder man. 

When the dubious man has overfed himself, he deserts the woman in the most satanic, callous, wicked, ungrateful manner with a rude note dropped on the table in her house that when she comes back and reads the note, she becomes devastated, faints and quickly rushed to the hospital which is never the solution because drugs do not heal most emotional problems. 

In extreme wicked cases, the deserted runs away with her millions of naira and of course his international passport with foreign visa sponsored by the woman under the guise of travelling abroad together when they were living in fool’s paradise. 

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