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Falae: an open letter to southwest ‘Almajiri’ brothers & sisters

Olu FalaeMay I quickly drag your attention to the latest abduction of Chief Olu Falae, former Presidential candidate and ex-Finance minister in Nigeria.

From a reliable source, fully-armed Fulani herdsmen kidnapped this 77 year old politician on his farm and brutally attacked some of his workers who tried to protect him.

We heard Chief Falae once had confrontation with these Fulani cattle rearers in the past for unlawful entry into his farm.

Let me briefly refresh your memory even if you’re still oscillating like a pendulum under Buhari’s hypnotism.

During the tenure of late Chief Lam Adesina as governor of Oyo state,Fulani herdsmen terrorised and killed villagers in Oyo state and also destroyed their farmlands with their uncultured four-legged beasts.

General Buhari as a Fulani man quickly rushed down to Ibadan to act as a ‘peacemaker’.

What happened next?He made such immortal words during the peace negotiation :”Your Excellency.Why are your people(Yoruba) killing my own people(Fulani)?

Ask Google for details because it is now a crime against humanity to criticise His Holiness,Saint of Daura because he is the second perfect master after Sat Guru Maharaji of Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

If Buhari commands his unrepentant worshippers to jump,they would only timidly ask :’Your Excellency Sir!How high?’

Chief Olu Falae is still with his Fulani abductors and they are now shamelessly demanding for N100 million Naira as ransom.What a cool cash!

Assuming this drama happened under Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.Just imagine…

Who cares to demand for Falae’s release?Who cares about the safety of pro-Jonathan politician?Who cares about ministerial appointments when Buhari is the only jack of all trades in Nigeria?Who cares about Falae’s release because he is not your or my biological father?If you’re thinking either openly or secretly in this morbid direction as a Buhari worshipper or Yoruba person,then your brain urgently needs total re-programming!

As long as ‘body language’ of Baba Daura is making life more bearable and enjoyable for all Nigerians.Life goes on.Yes.

Fulani cattle rearers continue to attack and kill innocent people in Nigeria without any iota of conscience as they invade farmlands with their marauding cows.

Chief Olu Falae is an erudite economist, senior citizen,popular politician and prominent Yoruba personality,all Nigerians with fear of God(Buharists,Jonathanians and other non-aligned citizens) must urgently demand for his unconditional release now without any further delay.

It is Falae today,it might be you or your father tomorrow.You’re free to play an ostrich by chanting ‘God forbid’ because you’re a clever believer.

I rest my case here to allow my message to prick your conscience.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Yours in service to humanity,

Jagunmolu Baba Adam

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