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Fayose urges Ekiti people to tolerate his transformation policy


Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose has urged Ekiti people to bear with his administration some inconveniences that come along with transformation.

Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose has urged Ekiti people to bear with his administration some inconveniences that come along with transformation. 

He said this during an interactive session with Asha and Baisaya families of Okesa Area in Ado Ekiti.

The families who had gathered at Asha compound expressed delight at the governor’s effort at transforming Ado Ekiti but pleaded with him not to allow the extension occasioned by the construction of 1.2km flyover take away a very significant portion of their property and inheritance. 

While the government intended a 150ft set back from the center of the road, the families clamored for 80ft.

Governor Fayose in his response to their demands explained that he had no personal reason to demolish their properties and appealed to them that he wouldn’t have taken such action if it weren’t necessary.

He said: “paying compensation isn’t an easy task for the government; we have paid over N300m in compensation.

“I would have constructed this flyover in 2005/2006 if not for the impeachment, it would have cost us just one eighth of the amount we are spending today.

“Modernization come with its own pain, I share your pain, I understand the way you feel.

“There was a lot of complaints when I dualized Fajuyi in my first term, now we are enjoying it together.

“I appeal to everyone that I might offended by reason of this construction to please forgive me, it is in the overall interest of Ekiti State, give me the chance to transform this place”

At the end of the jaw-jaw, both parties however resolved that the setbacks will not be more than 100ft from the center of the road on either side.

Reacting to questions about the payment of compensation, governor Fayose said: 

“Finally we agreed, initially we said 150ft from the center of the road and they said 80ft, now we have agreed at 100ft. 

“They have shown understanding, the government is going to pay compensation even for grave sites. 

“There is no way people won’t complain, I share their pains but government must do what it has to do in the overall interest of the state”.

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