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Felalogue: APC: “You be thief!” PDP: “I no be thief.”

Fela Has Resurrected

(Fela Has Resurrected)

APC: “You be thief!”
PDP: “I no be thief.”

APC: “You be rogue!”
PDP: “I no be rogue.”

APC: “You dey steal!
PDP: “I no dey steal.

APC: “You be robber.
PDP: “I no be robber.”

APC: “You be armu robber.”
PDP: “I no be armu robber.”

APC: “I no be thief!”
PDP: “You be thief.”

APC: “I no be rogue!”
PDP: “You be rogue.”

APC: “I no dey steal!
PDP: “You dey steal.”

APC: “I no be robber.
PDP: “You be robber.”

APC: “I no be armu robber.”
PDP: “You be armu robber.”

Fela Kuti (mocking guttural tone):
Argument, argument, argue …
Argument, argument, argue …
Dem dem dem argue …
Argument about stealing
Somebody don take the thing wey belong to another person …

Catch am, catch am.
Thief thief thief.
Catch am, catch am.
Rogue rogue rogue.
Catch am, catch am.
Robber robber …

Armed robber im need gun,
Pen robber im need pen
Pen get power, gun no get.
If gun steal N1million,
Pen go steal N1billion or more.

Authority stealing pass armed robbery…
Africans must do something about this nonsense!


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