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Felicitation to APGA National Chairman, Edozie Njoku as he clocks 59


Chief Edozie Njoku National Chairman of APGA (ONWA Ibeku @ 59)
Onwa Ibeku, Okuko chiri umu ochiri ekwurekwu….Dike ana akpa ogwu na anya….Ngbo ngbo ogidi…Isi kara na ebu ogidi, isi akara aka bue ogidi, ogidi anyijie ya onu…Egbusie kparatakparata anwusalu onye nwe ubi….Ogu gaa nwoke nubalu oburu onye ujo….Akata ka ana gbu ngwu anyi ike na mma anyua nko…Isi na isi raa bukwanu na onu mmaduka ibeya….

Life and death are our lots are mortals. Life is also lived in phases and stages.

As you mark the ripe age of 59, we, the entire members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great Party APGA reflect on your personality, capacity, bulldog tenacity, resilience, resoluteness, focal strength and forthrightness with which you have steered the ship of our Party to stardom; and we wish to say may our Party never be in short supply of a gift like you.

OnwaIbeku, you are a man indeed. You are an enigma and phenomenon of sorts.

It is for men like you that Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha admonished that we ‘look for three things in a man; Intelligence, Energy and Integrity. If he does not have the last one, do not bother about the other two.’

Onwa Ibeku, you are an epitome of integrity, intelligence and energy.

As we wait for the approval of our application to the Grand Architect of the Universe, the author of the Cosmos, Constellations and Extraterrestrials to suspend the activities of the astral and interplanetary forces for today and declare today a public holidays in celestial realms; we have already begun an earthly celebration that will synchronize with our appeal to Heaven.

National Chairman, Sir, greatness could be achieved by an idiot, just as immortality could be achieved by as Ass.

But, real greatness and worthwhile immortality can only be achieved by a select few.

OnwaIbeku, when a child is born it takes months for it to walk. But, you, Onwa Ibeku, walked on the day you were born.

People like you are a gift from God to remove us from the sense of common place and futility.

You are an aspiration; never grow somnolent in well doing.

Okoro Chinedum Benedict

National Administrative Secretary, APGA

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