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FG Presents Final Tranche Details Of $29.96b Loan


The federal government has presented the final tranche ($22.7 billion) of the $29.96 billion infrastructure plan, broken down sector-by-sector for consumption.

According to the SSA To President Muhammadu Buhari on Public Affairs, Mr. Ajuri Ngelale, every dollar is accounted for and all projects are project-tied with favorable concessionary rates.

Water Resources:

Greater Abuja Water Supply Project:
$381m – 20yr Maturity – 2.5% Interest
(China Exim Bank)

NEast/NC Rural Water Supply Project:
$150m – 20yr Maturity – 1.1% Interest
(African Devt Bank – AFDB)


Agric Transformation Support II:
$200m – 20yr Maturity – 1.1% Interest

Staple Crops Processing Zone Devt:
$100m – 25yr Mat – 1.25% Interest
(World Bank – Kogi)

Staple Crops Processing Zone Devt:
$500m – 20yr Mat – 1.1% Interest
(AFDB – Nationwide)

Social Investment:

$500m – 25yr Maturity – 1.25% Interest
(World Bank – Nationwide)

MSME Devt Finance: $1.1Bn USD

$500m – 21yr Mat – 3% Int (World Bank)
$450m – 20yr Mat – 1% Int (AFDB)
$130m – 15yr Mat – 3% Int (AFD France)
$20m – 15yr Mat – 3% Int (KFW GER)

E – Governance:

FGIP Fiscal Governance (Database Linking EFCC/NIMC/NBS/OAGF):

$200m – 25yr Mat – 1.25% Int (W. Bank)

ICT Backbone Phase III:

$328m – 20yr Mat – 2.5% Int (ChinaXim)

Road Asset Management E-System:

$33.7m – 20yr Mat – 1.12% Int (W. Bank)

Solid Minerals:

Mining Reform Fund:

$150m – 25yr Mat – 1.25% Int (W. Bank)


Education Sector Reform Program
(Performance For Results Initiative / FGN Education-Cash Interventions To States On A Performance/Value Basis):

$500m – 21yr Mat – 3% Int (W. Bank)


Mambilla Hydropower Project:

$4.8Bn – 20yr Mat – 3% Int (China Exim)

TCN – Transmission Upgrade Program:

$364m – 20yr Mat – 0.25% Int (W. Bank)

$200m – 20yr Mat – 2.9 Int (AFD)

Transmission Upgrade (Lagos-Abeokuta) Project:

$200m – 30yr Mat – 1.4% Int (Japan ICA)

Power (Continued):

Nine Power Sector Vocational Schools:

$50m – 20yr Mat – 2.9% Int (AFD France)

Power Total: $5.61Bn USD


Housing Financing Guarantee Project:

$100m – 20yr Mat – 2.9% Int (AFD)


Ibadan – Kano Railway:

$5.53Bn – 20yr Mat – 2.75% Int (China)

Coastal Railway (Calabar – Port Harcourt – Onne Deep Sea Port):

$3.47Bn – 20yr Mat – 2.75% Int (China)

Abuja Mass Rail II (City Center To Outer Districts):

$1.25Bn – 20yr Mat – 2.75% Int (China)


East-West Road:

$800m – 20yr Mat – 2.75% Int (China)

Road Reconstruction:

$434.7m – 20yr Mat – 1.1% Int (AFDB)
Gombe-Biu Road (120km)
Calabar-Ekang-Ajassor Road (64km)
Enugu-Abakiliki-Ogoja Road (246km)
Katsina-Jibiya-Niger Rep Road (65km)
Maokwa-Kaduna Road (190km)


NTA Digitalisation Project:

$500m – 20yr Mat – 2.75% Int (China)

W/Africa Disease Surveillance System:

$90m – 25yr Mat – 1.25% Int (W. Bank)

WB State Support:

Kaduna State Devt Policy Operation:

$350m – 25yr Mat – 1.25% Int (W. Bank)

This Forms The Stimulus Plan. I Hope You Find This Information Useful. Ahead Of The Inflow Of More Than $1tn Foreign Investment Into Africa Via AFCTA, We Urgently Need Infrastructure To Compete Favourably With SA, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana For 100s Of Millions Of New Jobs.

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