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FG: “Reduce The Number Of Nigerians You Give Visas” — My Take


I have never seen a Government that hates and despises its own people and treats them with as much contempt and disdain as the Buhari regime. Governments are meant to support and encourage their people and not discredit and undermine them. This is indeed a Government of suffering, blood and tears.

Yet despite it all Nigerians just continue to accept and tolerate this rubbish and the opposition remains fragmented, intimidated, naive, badly-led, weak and divided.

The bitter truth is that Nigeria is not a nation: she is an occupied territory of slaves, vassals and quislings that are not prepared to confront the monstrous beast that has held them captive and in bondage for the last four years. Most Nigerians are so cowardly that they dare not even speak truth to power. That is how bad it is.

Yet the worst affliction and greatest plague of all are Buhari’s foot soldiers and core supporters themselves.  They remind me of the merciless heathan hordes of Atllla the Hun and the bloodthirsty barbarian battalions of Ghengis Khan.

Ignorant, callous, blind, savage, wicked and uncouth in all their ways, if Buhari asked them to put their faces under his smelly old arse and literally eat his shit, 99% of them would do so gladly and ask for more. They are the most obvious and pitiful victims of ‘mind control’ and mass hypnotism.

Their fawning over every word of their master and god and their endorsement of and support for even his most despicable, base and vicious acts reminds me of the behaviour of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi supporters and the delusions and insanity of Josef Goebbels his Minister of Information.

If Buhari were to send 6 million Jews to the gas chamber like Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany or 10 million Africans to their deaths like King Leopold 11 of Belgium, his supporters would applaud him with equal zeal.

That is how badly the tyrant has damaged the psyche of his captives and victims and destroyed their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. To them Buhari is worthy of worship and is greater than God.

May God deliver Nigeria.

(Femi Fani-Kayode, 15th February 2019)

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