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Fiasco greets Soludo’s declaration for Anambra 2021 governorship election

By Eneh Victor Chigozie


Do not pretend that you didn’t hear what happened yesterday when Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo went to declare for 2021 Anambra state governorship election.

But if you didn’t hear it, I will tell you. That’s why we are here. To keep you steadily informed.

Yes, two APGA House of Representatives members had hot exchange of words. Na fight remain. But before then, let’s tell you how it started.

After Prof Soludo spoke beautifully as usual and told the party that he has all it takes to lead the party on November 6.

It was time for donation to support the party and to also offset some expenses incurred in mobilising “oh, yes” members to the venue, Soludo began to behave like Peter Obi.

He said that he has something for the party and that each group will receive an envelope. The crowd said no, that he must mention the amount.

The Isuofia man refused and insisted that when you get your envelope you will see what’s inside.

But the APGA leaders didn’t want what happened at the U-AYA endorsement where the 1 million naira donation he gave to over 2,000 persons at the venue led to a chaos.

Like Mbaka, the state chairman of APGA asked him to mention the amount he was giving the party.

The state chairman knowing that Soludo is stingy didn’t want to be accused unnecessarily. So he went to Soludo and whispered to him to mention the amount.

Embarrassed by the crowd shouting on him to mention the amount, he told them that each envelope has 50, 000 naira each for each of the 21 local govt.

Each local government came with a bus of about 18 persons. If you settle the bus driver, each person will go home with about 1,500 naira.

And again, they were not happy. As a former CBN governor, they were expecting more.

While people were murmuring over the pea nut Soludo gave. my friend from Aguleri took the microphone and announced a donation of 500,000 naira on behalf of the APGA National Assembly members from Anambra state.

The announcement infuriated Hon Dozie Nwankwo of Dunukofia-Njikoka-Anaocha federal constituency. Onye Ndozi said he was not consulted before making a donation onbehalf of APGA national assembly members.

Onye Ndozi clearly stated that if there is any need for National Assembly members elected on the platform of APGA to make donations in support of Soludo declaration, that he was the right person to do it.

He said he is the highest ranking APGA House of Representatives member and leader of APGA in the national assembly.

Dozie boasted that he is a senior lawmaker, and that my Aguleri friend is still a junior lawmaker, therefore he ought to seek his consent before making that announcement.

My people, na fight remain.

This Soludo ticket keeps having k-leg at every event he attends.

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