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Finally Obinna Uzoh In Big Trouble ~by Augustine Ike

By Augustine Ike

In the very attempt to undermine the efforts of the ELECTORATES who overwhelmingly voted Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah in the February 2019 National Assembly Election; Dr. Obinna Uzoh has committed the “offense of being disobedience to or disrespectful of a court of law or it’s officers” , known as CONTEMPT of court.

It must be recalled that early this morning, the Image Maker of the prestigious Nzuko Ora Nnewi took time to educate Dr. Obinna Uzoh on the meaning of the concept ELECTION and the after effects of his action both from psychological cum sociological perspectives.

The gestalt of the argument remains that there was no time Dr. Obinna Uzoh presented himself to the ELECTORATES to be voted for throughout the 2019 National Assembly Election and has no tangible evidence of participation as his name was not on the ballot.

The author, Augustine Ike KSJI [Ikedoji], Publicity Secretary Nzuko-ora Nnewi
Since Obinna Uzoh is a lawyer to the detriment of the constituents ; whom he boldly told on his press release that they elected him and that he is going to shock them with the court judgement.

We need not remind Dr. Uzoh the position of the Supreme Court on election matters, which clearly provides that “if you didn’t participate in an election, you cannot be sworn in”.

Save if the allegations that he is been sponsored by the government is true; for other reasons, Obinna Uzoh is certain he cannot be sworn in. Except if the Supreme Court may so wish to overrule itself on the subject matter.

Meanwhile, having elucidated earlier on the meaning of election, the case if Dr. Obinna Uzoh should not be treated either as pre-election or post election matter, because he did not participate in any election in the first place.

As against the certificate of Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, I was expecting Dr. Obinna Uzoh to show the evidence of his participation in the past election to his angry constituents , who are definitely certain he didn’t present himself for election.

Rather, Dr. Obinna Uzoh went ahead to disrespect the court of law with his official press release in Elomba.com. in a matter before the Appeal Court for determination, Dr. Obinna Uzoh clearly assert thus, ‘Ubah has problems with his fake Neco certificate and not with me”, Dr Obinna Uzor told ElombahNews

The above statement is clearly determining for the court and a clear abuse of court process. This statement is coming from Obinna Uzoh at a time the Nigerian Judiciary is adjudged to be compromised. We are watching to see if the Judiciary will discipline Obinna Uzoh as a step towards restoring confidence in the Nigerian legal system.

According to Hobbes, “might is right” and Carl Marx sees the law as something made for the common man. However, we the Nigerian Vulgate society still believes in the first lines of the Constitution which upholds it as Supreme over all.

Dr. Obinna Uzoh has committed contempt of court and should face the music

Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI)-Ikedoji
Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi

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