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First World Igbo Security/ Peace Summit To Hold July 19, 20

Ohanaeze spokesman lambasts Igbo political elites that make embarrassing comments on 2023 presidency Ask Okorocha to mind his utterances and posture or be sanctioned. Ohanaeze spokesman suggests death sentence to looters Asks EFCC to probe Gandujegate and Emir of Kano, Sanusi


The date for the first World Igbo Security and Peace Summit  has now been fixed for the 19th and 20th of July, 2019.

The event will witness paper presentations, security hints, speeches, demonstrations , video shows and other side attractions.

It has the theme, NDUBUISI and would see the participation of youths, women , student leaders, community leaders, government officials , civil society groups, vigilante groups , security experts and others.

Igbos within and outside the country are expected at the event. Also retired and serving security personnel will feature at the event geared to make Igboland crime free.

The chairman of the organising committee of the event, Edomobi Promise, called for support and participation at the event organised by the Ebube Ndigbo and Igbo National Assembly in conjunction with the Igbo Security Network.

Ohanaeze spokesman cautions Igbo political elites on 2023 presidency; asks Okorocha to mind his utterances

In another development, the spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Mr. Chuks Ibegbu has lambasted some Igbo political elites who make provocative statements on the 2023 Igbo Presidential project .

He noted that no Northerner , Westerner or Niger Deltan would condemn or castigate the political aspirations of their people no matter the situation of things.

“Why this is so in Igboland is surprising,” Ibegbu noted.

“During the war a very few Igbo Army officers  fought against Biafra. One of them wrote a book title the TRAGEDY OF VICTORY.

“But I have not heard or read that any Northerner fought against Nigeria, then. Some people will still put R or Y in their names to look un-Igboic, fifty years after the war.

“They will deny their Igboness up till now . They still think we are in the trenches. Can this happen in the North or West,” Ibegbu queried.

He noted that Igbos are proud and courageous people and will never pander to the whims and caprices of any external force.

He therefore warned former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha and others who enjoyed Igbo money as governors or political appointees and still talk rubbish against their own people to desist from such cowardly and demeaning acts.

“They may advise their people but not go outside and castigate them,” Ibegbu warned.

“Very soon we shall ostracise such people.

“If they want, they can go to Daura and genuflect to their masters but they should not use Igbo money and political platform to do so.

“They are Senator or appointees with Igbo platform so they should stop insulting us,” Ibegbu advised.

He called on Ndigbo to participate fully in the oncoming World Igbo Security and Peace Summit holding in Enugu soon.

Ohanaeze spokesman suggests death sentence to looters, asks EFCC to probe Gandujegate and Emir of Kano, Sanusi

In yet another stance, the Ohanaeze spokesman, Chuks Ibegbu has suggested death sentence to looters.

Ibegbu noted that unless looters of our national treasury are summarily executed the mess will continue and Nigerians will continue to suffer.

He called on the EFCC  and Kano state anti-corruption agency to probe the Gandujegate issue and not sweep it under the carpet if they are serious on fighting corruption.

He also called on the Emir of Kano, HRH Mallam Sanusi to tell the world what really happened on the allegations against him and not keep quiet.

Otherwise, people will think the allegations are true.

“Let him open up so that the world will know the truth and the devil will be shamed,” Ibegbu asserted.

He reiterated his call on Ndigbo to participate fully in the forthcoming  World Igbo Security and Peace Summit which holds at Enugu soon.

On the pro Biafran agitations, Ibegbu noted that what Ndigbo need is Biafran of the mind.

He warned those who extort money from Ndigbo using the camouflage of Biafra to desist from such as they would meet their waterloo if they continue such mischief.

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