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For Biafra, for freedom, for our culture, value and belief system


For centuries, oppressed people had always fought for their freedom.  The struggle for Biafra is not different – as oppressed and subjugated people, it is human instinct to fight for freedom – a fight we are determined to continue until victory is achieved – total freedom and independence for Biafra.

However, the struggle for Biafra is not just from freedom and independence. It is also struggles to save and preserve our culture, our value and belief system – that which made us who we are a member of the human race.  It is an open secret that the Islamic world had done and is still doing everything possible and with every (overt and covert) tricks to conquer the last remaining non-Islamic enclave in Africa – Biafra. 

The election of Buhari as the President of Nigeria, and re-election (or re-selection) of Rochas Okorocha (Okoroawusa) as the Governor of Imo State (the Heartland of Igboland), appears to be the last jigsaw in the Islamisation process.  These two Hausa northerners are the worst enemies of the Biafran people. 

In fact, one of the reasons Buhari wanted the highest office of the land so desperately was to complete the Islamisation of Nigeria and he found a perfect accomplice in OkoroAwusa – who is nursing ambition to be president that he can never, ever achieve. OkoroAwusa is mortgaging the future, the culture, value and believe system of entire race and nation for his personal (and doomed) political ambition. 

Combination of events since Buhari took office points to the fact that he will stop at nothing to realise his ambition:

Use of economic policies to create artificial poverty and hardship for the people to pave the way for Islamic ‘aid’ as a prelude to indoctrinate the people with Islamic ideology;

Unleashing Hausa/Fulani herdsmen on Biafraland – thus altering our demographic balance (as they will settle and multiple in thousands and millions), destroying farmlands, defying our women, killing our people and instilling fear on the people – all with implicit support of the federal and state governments;

 Active militarisation of Biafra territory – increasing command and control military installations with ex-Boko Haram prisoners and terrorists, check points, constant harassment of innocent people; explicit instruction to shoot at site of peaceful protests and perceived supporters and activists of Biafra.  All these are creating tension and fear among the people who are already suffering from harsh economic policies imposed on them by the federal government.

Therefore, the struggle for Biafra is also a struggle to preserve our culture, value and believe system – traditional religion, pagans, Christians, etc and to avoid the above taking root in Biafra.  It is only Biafra that can stop the complete Islamisation of all Nigeria. The Islamic world is aware of this that is why they are joining forces to frustrate the restoration of Biafra. 

Whatever your sentiment towards Biafra, spear thought to the consequences of the above. Therefore, the choice is simple and clear: Biafra or Islamisation? The consequences of this choice will re-vibrate for generations to come. Let us chose Biafra and redouble our efforts to make it a reality and preserve our culture and value system for our future generation. 

Our forefathers who fought Usman Dan Folio to a standstill will turn in their graves if we do otherwise.  Islamisation of the east of the Niger must be stopped by all means possible!

God Bless Biafra!

Dr Chukwuma Egemba (In Biafra, Africa will rise again!); e1504@hotmail.com

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