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Former WWE wrestler Chyna’s brain donated to science


Former WWE wrestler Joanie Laurer, who is also known as Chyna, reportedly have her brain donated for scientific research according to her manager Anthony Anzaldo .

Chyna was found dead at her Redondo Beach, Calif., home on Wednesday afternoon, aged 45.

Anzaldo revealed that Laurer had been contacted to join a concussion lawsuit against WWE by other former professional wrestlers.

They, however, declined.

They said they were only interested in pursuing scientific exploration of the effects a career in wrestling and a history of domestic violence has on the brain.

In his statement Anzaldo said:

“My hope is that we can do it. 

“I ’m in the process of getting the permission to speak on behalf of family to tell the coroner it’s okay to release it.”

We’re not interested in the lawsuit at all”.

“We’re just looking for (the researchers) to give us everything they can get.”

Anzaldo says the research will include Nigerian Doctor – Dr. Bennet Omalu, the pathologist who discovered CTE – Central traumatic encephalopathy. 

Omalu and his efforts to bring CTE awareness to the NFL was the subject of the Will Smith film Concussion.

Some former pro wrestlers like Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, John Cena and Jeff Hardy confirmed they will be donating their brains for study.

If it will help further concussion research, he would be interested in donating his brain as well.

Known for her bodybuilder physique, Chyna made her WWE debut in 1997 and joined Shawn Michaels and then boyfriend Triple H in the group, “D-Generation X.”

Chyna wasn’t just eye candy for Michaels and Triple H — she was a bodyguard, an on-air role up until that point was primary reserved for men.

Chyna eventually made the transition from bodyguard to wrestler and became the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble in January 1999.

She made more history as the first and only female WWE Intercontinental champion, defeating Jeff Jarrett for the title in October 1999.

During the height of popularity in the WWE, Chyna graced the covers of “TV Guide,” “Newsweek” and “Playboy” magazines.

She abruptly left the WWE in 2001, reportedly in part due to Triple H ending his relationship with her in favor of Stephanie McMahon.

McMahon was the daughter of WWE chairman and owner Vince McMahon.

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