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Four Years Of Chibok Girls Palaver In U.S. [Part Four]

How they shared the funds I raised for the girls and left us stranded How libel is the new lynching – when they can’t kill you, they kill your reputation


Putting the record straight now, what else do you want the Nigerian people to know about this whole issue?

What I want to make clear is that recently Doug Wead took the American media to run me down and I asked what kind of journalism is this? The Wall Street Journal editor that called me said he was calling me about my case in Abuja.

He was calling me and he didn’t say anything about the case but was saying Nigerian government said this and that and I told him I have appeared before the court, before three or four panels during Buhari administration and they were surprised themselves that Doug claimed that he was giving them scholarship and he came around and changed.

I showed them the emails. The little money I was able to raise trough an NGO he came to demand for ticket money for him that he and his wife should be reimbursed. He and his wife spent over $5,000 on ticket within the USA.

He said that he and his wife were taking one of the girls somewhere, meanwhile we flew five of the girls with $5,000 to USA but he and his wife has to fly first class.

That was what he was doing to us so I told him you want to show me you have power, this is your country and that is why when the public start to hear? I said I will now speak this is what you did.

I will tell the world it was Americans who first abused Chibok girls and which made me to remove the girls from their home to a Nigerian chief’s house. That was the first incident. There were subsequent incidents.

You all live in Lagos and in Lagos hosting one relative can cause you marital problem. Now consider America where you have to pay bills, multiply that by six girls which I once had to put in my house.

My wife is African American, these were not her relatives I had to beg her please these people want to embarrass us let us accommodate them till we are able to find a place for them. My parents came to visit me I didn’t have time for them.

I was driving them to lesson, to doctor, I became a driver, in America you can’t pay a driver. This is what I was doing giving them opportunities they would never have seen and for these people to now be saying these things against me.

Wall Street Journal came and said we want to interview you; I told them: are you paying me for this interview? The girls didn’t pay them for interview.

I asked them don’t you find it hypocritical that you journalists are asking me why the girls did interview. Are you not the ones looking for interview?

The court presided over by a hen is where the cockroach can never get justice. As a Nigerian how do you expect me to get justice before an American media? These people are out to get me; they got one of the girls to testify nonsense against me.

This was the girl who wrote me that the phone I gave her she does not like it, can you imagine a child in Nigeria who can do that? You know what I did? I sent her another phone; she wrote that she doesn’t like even the second one too.

Can you see what I endured? Anytime I went to Nigeria, they would ask me to bring Indomie and all that this is how I would load my box with Nigerian things for them to be comfortable and feel home. This was never my ambition or plan. I didn’t plan to have this load on my head.

I went to by a third phone for her. Other girls were pleading with me that that was how she behaves, my friends in the diaspora said I was the ones spoiling them. I told them I was the one who brought them to America; I have to give them the best.

The girl who was talking against me before the Wall Street Journal later wrote me a later apologizing to me that her mother said what I did for her nobody could have done that for her if not for God. So she should never maltreat me like that again.

I have the copy of the letter that was in 2015. Then in 2018, white people are publishing that story of what she earlier said against me as if it was fresh. Then how do you intend to get justice when you said the American media has written against you?

I am being very honest with you I know that I can never get justice. They want us to believe the stereotype that Nigerians are bad people and our President is the chief de-marketer of Nigeria plc.

He would go abroad and say things. He was asked a simple question of why didn’t he sign African Free Trade Agreement. He was asked what are you doing to attract Foreign Direct Investment? He said Nigerian youths are sitting at home, they don’t want to do anything and waiting for everything free.

He was de-marketing his own people so when this kind of situation arose instead of doing the right thing he joined hands with the people at the embassy to finish me. He doesn’t know it was his people and country he was finishing.

So the Acting Ambassador wanted to be confirmed as an Ambassador, he said this is what he wants. He must destroy me and he was rewarded for it. He was conformed as an ambassador. He is from Lagos State and you know that Lagos has a lot of career diplomats and he has a lot of seniors.

I understand they took him to bypass his seniors and conformed him. Lagos has a lot of career diplomats, how did a junior person like him get the post? It is because of the evil he did with the Chibok girls issues.

Did you know that the day that we met at the Nigerian embassy where I went on invitation with the girls, they looked at one of the girls and said I’m I sure she can speak Hausa? How can you say that to somebody who has been traumatized?

You took someone and put her in Bronx New York? When Buhari comes to America does he stay in Bronx? This is a place where people are being killed every day. Even I who has stayed in USA for about 20 years I don’t go to Bronx.

They carried these innocent girls and put them in Bronx, it was there one of the girls converted to Islam. I want Nigerian government to come out and deny it. How can a girl who jumped from a truck to escape because Boko Haram was going to Islamise her now got on a plane to America to convert to Islam?

How can she convert to Islam in America under Murtala Mohammed Foundation? That is the new group that Buhari put them under.

I am just telling you I have reached this point and I’m tired. They have taken the girls and the girls are failing under their watch, they are now looking for whom to blame. This government’s core value is finger pointing, finding who to blame for their failure.

President Buhari has no moral right to celebrate democracy in Nigeria. He is an enemy of democracy. He overthrew a democratic government and he has come back to government to exhibit dictatorial tendencies.

The question is not asking whether Buhari deserves a second term, the question is whether Nigeria can survive the remaining one year under Buhari and if there is any legitimate means I think he should vacate it.

When we talk about Democracy Day, we should know that the last time this man served was when he served under Abacha government who was the worst despot in Nigerian history and continued to boast instead of being ashamed of the role he played.

Buhari has not contributed to democracy in Nigeria; you cannot point to any contribution from him.

Obasanjo challenged Abacha and was imprisoned by Abacha, Obasanjo played certain roles and you can see that he has been reformed, he is self-educated.

Buhari has nothing in his pedigree and nothing in his DNA represents democracy. They put so much pressure on them to come and deny me; they said no they cannot deny me because of what I did for them except one of the parents that collected money.

By Emmanuel Ogebe

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