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French activities in Africa: For democracy, peace/ dictatorship, or war?


Residents in several villages talk about unmarked helicopters flying over forests in Maiduguri air dropping packages. Especially at night. In one incident they watched the helicopter crashes. Villagers ran to the scene to rescue the occupants and were stunned ..to see two Caucasian men burning briefcases of hundred dollar bills before running away the crash site.

November 2018

A Paris based NGO “Action Against Hunger” is caught in the forest giving food and medicine to Boko Haram insurgents.


The NAF intercepted a French chattered Chad bound Antonov cargo aircraft in Kano airport. The pilot and crew denied the aircraft was carrying any weapons and requested they be allowed to leave and refused to show the release of the cargo manifest. Upon inspection crates of weapons were discovered. The French pilot and crew were subsequently detained pending further investigation.

Then they changed their story. Long story short…diplomats did what diplomats do and they were released.

August 2013

France facilitated a $3 million ransom payment to Boko Haram and tried to hide it from the Nigerian government.

August 2015

The Nigerian military is about to launch a final offensive against a weakened Boko Haram. There is an air of optimism in the country. Late Chadian strongman Idris Derby approached the Nigerian government with GOOD NEWS.

Idris Derby claims Boko Haram reached out to him asking that it mediates a cease fire deal between the parties in the conflict. They are ready to surrender.

But there’s a caveat. The offensive will have to be called off.

The government was trying to verify the authenticity of Boko Haram’s representatives in the supposed negotiations, but Derby asked the Nigerian government to take a chance that he had done the verification already. He affirmed that Boko Haram’s representatives were legit.

He demands $23 million for his service. President Jonathan calls on the military to stand down. Derby gets his $23 million. Negotiations begin.

The period of the phantom negotiations gave Boko Haram time to regroup, reinforce and restrategise, which is the intent of Derby for asking the Nigerian government to negotiate a ceasefire with Boko Haram.

A Nigerian delegation left for Chad on October 21 for talks with Boko Haram, but the Chadian president became evasive. The Nigerian delegation was told that Derby was sick and that the meeting be rescheduled for October 23.

However, on that date, the delegation was told that the Chadian president was still sick after waiting for six hours. The delegation made visits to Chad a number of times, but met a brick wall.

As Boko Haram’s resumed attacks grew in intensity, Abuja became worried.

Many attempts were made to inquire from the Chadian president who was supposed to be mediating between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram, but the attempts were all futile.

France was privy to the botched negotiations, but said nothing just like the Chadian government.

This was a BOLD move. It became clear to President Jonathan he had been scammed $23 million by Deby, who no doubt was sure of French military support should Nigeria retaliates.

The government of Chad did not say a word to the Nigerian govt since Boko Hara resumed onslaughts.

Four months later

The personal aid to Idris Derby, Mr Bakharat Gnotti is caught by bodyguards with 19 Man Portable SA-7 surface to air missiles (MANPADS) he was to deliver to Boko Haram.

Mr. Gnoti who claimed that President Idriss Derby gave him the funds to purchase the weapons, had waved a presidential pass issued to him by Mr. Derby’s office in order to get past border guards but was stopped and searched by the guards who found the deadly weapons on him.

The arrest of Mr. Gnoti is solid evidence that the Chadian president and France were complicit in the resurgence of Boko Haram. Coming just months after Mr. Derby recently swindled the Nigerian government out of millions of dollars in FAKE cease-fire deal.

In the Central African Republic the Russians began making inroads, providing security for the CAR President. Russia sends 300 military advisers and begin training CAR forces.

This is followed by donating military hardware such as vehicles and firearms to the CAR army. The French begin clandestinely supplying arms to CAR rebels to keep the fight going, in the hopes of damaging Russia’s credibility in the CAR.

France has been covertly arming militants and rebel groups all over Africa. Destabilizing small and weak countries to make them dependent on French security. If these countries try to democratize the French leadership opposes such a move or sponsors a coup.

When the ECOWAS Single Currency Project was in the final phase of implementation Macron sent a signal opposing this approach to francophone economic integration. Nobody took this threat serious until he convinced the francophone bloc to peg the ECO to the CFA

Making the ECO project dead in arrival. In France’s former colonies, imperialist monetary policies from Paris continue to cripple their domestic economies and undermine democracy. Colonialism in Africa won’t come to an end until true economic sovereignty is allowed to flourish.

Until France is kicked out of Africa for good it is highly unlikely there will be an end to violence in most parts of Africa.

[Courtesy: Defense News Nigeria]

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