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French Perfumes and my latest distraction


Let me confess to you upfront. French perfumes have gotten my fantasy and am loving it. There is this particular franchise and brand that you will get to know shortly. First, let me talk about how I got here.

There seem to be something “French” with me this past week that I couldn’t fathom initially, but it’s all coming together now. It started with my colleagues in the office talking about how they were not sure of their flights out of the country since they were scheduled to travel with “Air Chance” a nickname they coined to joke about their recent experience with Air France.

Next, was a senior colleague that just got retired from service. He put up a rare display in appreciation of friendship, and gifted some books. Different books were gifted, and mine was one centered on a main character, De Lesseps. It’s about a great French man’s exploits in the building of the Panama Canal set in the year 1870 to 1914, spanning the reign of President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States. Note 1914 and its relation to Nigeria. In “The Path between the seas” by David McCullough probably gave me my first history lesson about South America, tracing how huge funds were mobilized to develop the world’s most challenging canal project after the Suez.

Before I knew what was happening, there was news that the French President, Macron is in town, and he made a historic visit to the African shrine in Lagos. I can swear he did not go there to worship but rather to have a taste of Nigerian “Jollof” rice. Just like Mark Zucherberg his brother went to Yaba in Lagos and could not hide his love for the Nigerian delicacy, Macron may soon announce his own love. I presume he may want to exchange some of our “Jollof” rice for something Frenchy, maybe French fries, but I will advice against that. I would rather ask that our representatives namely Femi kuti, Ambode or Buhari should rather ask for this particular range of perfume which includes “Soiree de Reve” “Club Black Orchid” and “SPLANDID Pour Hoome”.

In what looked like a hallmark of this my French week, an “aburo” of mine called from France asking that I tell my audience about his range of French perfumes. I could almost swear it was Macron that sent him until he confirmed he was speaking for himself and I had no reason to doubt him. I have always known French perfumes were well sort out for, all over the world. I have even read about Channel. I heard about her from my father. I have always known they were the so called designer perfumes. I have always known they were for selected people and very expensive, but I never knew that history will trust in my hands the responsibility to tell the world about it and particularly my “aburos” brands that includes those mentioned above.

I had to take my time to internalize what I was going into. I don’t write about something if I don’t believe in it. Take for instance “My rice and I”, where I poured out my heart about food. A lot of people (those that read in between the lines) have taken some tips in that essay and now enjoying their rice dishes in ways they never thought of before.

But life is not all about food like my friend said to me the other day, reflecting on why I write so much about food. So my response is,”since Macron is around, and most probably would be eating Jollof rice in exchange for French fries, no need to delve into food this time.”Let us dwell on this French perfume brand.

I wore the masculine range to work today and my “Iyawo” wore the feminine. The perfume range passed our first test which was meeting our fragrance preferences and matching our usual picks that include; Jador, Coco channel and Ralph Lawrence romance. By the way I have the history about how I got to know each of them and the still remember the people that referred me to them! Next was to check if it can last a whole day in other to be sure it is the real stuff, and it sure did. We did not want a situation where our ladies or clients will carry bottles around because they need to “top up” as their day goes by. “Abi” you never see them? Check their bags or try and be observant next time you see a lady. A lot will “top up” as they step out of their cars to go see a client or go into offices. That should not be so if you got the real stuff. Anyway, let me leave that for you to be the judge once you get your own bottle.

The intriguing aspect about this brand is that, this brand comes at an awesomely affordable price.You don’t need to break a bank to wear a designers perfume anymore. And “who knows,” it may have been the brand Macron put on during his visit to the Shrine.

If you would want the perfumes in retail or wholesale, you can talk to the representative on whatsapp no 08037227599. And by the way, you don’t need to speak French to be attended to.


Obidike Peter wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

Wednesday 4th July 2018




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