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From the Archives: Does the US have a Clear-cut African Strategy?


“The sharper focus on Africa by the U.S. comes against a backdrop of widespread insurgent violence across North Africa, and as the African Union and other nations discuss military intervention in northern Mali.

The terror threat from al-Qaeda linked groups in Africa has been growing steadily, particularly with the rise of the extremist Islamist sect Boko Haram in Nigeria. Officials also believe that the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which killed the ambassador and three other Americans, may have been carried out by those who had ties to al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.”

Air Force News

Army brigade to train African anti-terror teams

The recent report that the US is ramping up its presence in Africa to address the creeping threat of extremists in Africa, with a one size fits all solution should present some concern to the US citizenry. It is pertinent that as the US seeks to sink meager resources into this new African strategy, resources that are sourly needed to address the increasingly neglected and mounting needs within US borders, the questions below be posed:

Were any lessons learnt by the US from its recent incursions into Iraq and its continuing presence in Afghanistan?

What strategic goals did the US achieve in Iraq and are any of the set goals in Afghanistan achievable as the US is set to finally pull out?

In hindsight and after careful evaluation, how successful were the policy implementations of both occupations?

Is Iraq after the occupation a more stable nation, and is Afghanistan, as the occupation is about to wind down, on the path to becoming more stable?

Has the stability of that part of the world been enhanced by both occupations?

If both the Iraqi and Afghan interventions are resoundingly nothing to write home about, should the US not tread lightly as it seeks once more at involving itself in this assumed expanding African threat, more importantly, are there other options that present lesser US footprints that will produce better and more acceptable results?

It should by now have become apparent that the challenges presented by Iraq and Afghanistan had very little in common and hence required different solutions, even more telling, is that a successful resolution of the Iraqi challenge that might have stabilized Iraq; would have made it possible for the millions that are now in self-imposed exile to return home; and could have propelled a more favourable resolution of Afghan conflict – as large contingents of Moslem troops becomes part of the coalition from a grateful Moslem nation, Iraq.

Need we be reminded that the inability or halfhearted attempt by US policy makers to embrace and implement ‘the three regional Biden proposal’ was the death blow to the Iraqi strategy which diminished the credibility of the US, especially, amongst its Arab partners, even as it struggled to implement and bring to an honorable conclusion its presumed Afghan strategy.

Did the US achieve its Iraqi goals? Below is a snippet from a write-up in which the Biden plan was examined as a framework to bring the Iraqi dilemma to a successful end:

“On Wednesday, September 26, 2007, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly supported a bipartisan plan for a political settlement in Iraq, passing a measure proposed by Sen. Joe Biden to promote a federal political system with a weak central government and three regional states, a step in the right direction of finally resolving a very vexing problem that has cost the tax payers billions of dollars and unless resolved will run into the trillions of dollars not including the already incurred long term costs.

With the approval of nearly 200 billion dollars for the fiscal year 2008, the estimated cost of the Iraqi war is now close to 800 billion dollars. Can the United States continue to spend the taxpayers’ money in just Iraq at such a tremendous clip into the foreseeable future with no end in sight?

The presidential candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to show that they are yet to embrace a significant draw down of American troops from Iraq in the near future even with the bipartisan approval of the Biden plan. The unfounded and false premise by all experts and both parties that there is/are no easy solution(s) to the Iraqi dilemma has now become part of the American psyche.

Of course there is an easy solution if we know what to look for and more importantly a painless draw down can be implemented in 12 to 24 months!

Using the Biden plan, can an honorable and complete US troop drawdown be accomplished in 12 to 24 months that will satisfy all concerns of the American people, and of both parties?

Create a more stable and independent Iraq;

Resolve the sectarian violence and the civil war;

Prevent Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups from establishing a beachhead in Iraq;

Prevent further ethnic cleansing or genocide in Iraq;

Satisfy all and every other unlisted reasonable concerns that will not compromise the Iraqi sovereignty;

The answer is resoundingly yes.”

Subject: Achieving the Impossible: A Stable Iraq in 12 to 24 Months

That the stated goals above were not achieved is unquestionable, that Iraq remains a major problem to itself and its neighbors is un-debatable, that sectarian violence continues at an increased clip is an accepted fact, etc.

The US is again hell bent on implementing a military instead of a diplomatic solution is apparently the mindset of policy makers from reports filtering to the general public even with the increasing unease with this sledge hammer approach that can only empower and strengthen the grip of the ruthless dictators that hold sway over the affairs of most African states while keeping in place failed, unworkable and imaginary states that continue as the bane of Africa.

“If they want them for (military) operations, the brigade is our first sourcing solution because they’re prepared,” said Gen. David Rodriguez, the head of U.S. Army Forces Command. “But that has to go back to the secretary of defense to get an execute order.”

Already the U.S. military has plans for nearly 100 different exercises, training programs and other activities across the widely diverse continent. But the new program faces significant cultural and language challenges, as well as nagging questions about how many of the lower-level enlisted members of the brigade, based in Fort Riley, Kan., will participate, since the teams would largely be made up of more senior enlisted troops and officers. A full brigade numbers about 3,500, but the teams could range from just a few people to a company of about 200. In rare cases for certain exercises, it could be a battalion, which would number about 800.

To bridge the cultural gaps with the African militaries, the Army is reaching out across the services, the embassies and a network of professional organizations to find troops and experts that are from some of the African countries. The experts can be used during training, and the troops can both advise or travel with the teams as they begin the program.”

CBS News

U.S. Army to train Africa forces in anti-terror

There has to be general acceptance that the reckless and foolhardy cobbling together of nation states into so-called countries by the former colonial masters of Africa without taking into consideration the interests of the ethnic nationalities, most of them with little or no commonality of interests, have only brought misery resulting in failed governments and continues as mega failure in nation building and major drawback in creating viable nations in Africa. If the US and other well-meaning nations are interested in resolving the endemic problems that plague most of these so-called mirage countries, it is important that these senseless boundaries that benefit only the colonial masters and a select few be re-examined, revisited and new states that will cater to the needs of their peoples encouraged to peacefully emerge.

Nigeria, one of the most corrupt nations in the world with a legion of selfish, corrupt, ego driven Lootocrates in disguise as legislators, who continue to empty the treasury to pay themselves unbelievably humongous salaries amounting to more than twice the salary of the president of richest and most powerful nation on the face of the earth, the US, while 70% of those they presume to serve scratch out a living of less than the equivalent of two dollars a day, is a case in point. This most populous country in Africa, a failed and genocidal state with a blood soaked history, its first recorded ethnic cleansing dating as far back as 1945 predating its independence (1960). Ethnic cleansing since that first recorded pogrom in 1945 has become a yearly ritual even to the present. The 1966 pogrom in which over 100,000 innocent children, women and men were deliberately slaughtered in the most horrendous ways imaginable, and the resulting genocidal war against the survivors of this inhumane and uncalled for aggression resulting in the deliberate massacre or starvation of over 3 million of its so-called citizens laid the groundwork for every other ethnic cleansing, genocide or pogrom in modern day Africa.

A consideration of the political realities in Nigeria is in place including the explanation and concoction of the term, GENOCAUST (Igbo genocide and holocaust).

The declaration of 12 core-Northern states as Islamic states and the institution of Sharia has finally given rise to Boko Haram, a fanatical Islamic group, whose aim is the forceful complete and total Islamization of Nigeria, in contravention of the secularity of Nigeria. More importantly, the resulting mayhem and anarchy can be traced to the continuing embrace of an irresponsible, irrational and hate filled group of Northern leadership whose unyielding and uncompromising mindset is traceable to the drive at the implementation of the agenda of their spiritual leader and father, the late Sarduana, as the quote below by him shows:

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future”

Parrot Newspaper, 12th October 1960. Recalled by Tribune Newspaper, 13th November 2002

The recent enthronement of an Islamic based constitution in Egypt should forewarn nations that falsely ascribe to the belief that majority Moslem nations will not embrace some version of Sharia. It is important it be stressed that there is nothing wrong with Sharia, it is a way of life and believers have every right to what Allah has promised them in their own nations.

“CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi signed into law a new constitution shaped by his Islamist allies, which he says will help end political turmoil and allow him to focus on fixing the fragile economy.

Anxiety about a deepening political and economic crisis has gripped Egypt in past weeks, with many people rushing to buy dollars and take out their savings from banks. The government has imposed new restrictions to reduce capital flight.

The United States, which provides $1.3 billion a year in military aid plus other support to Egypt and sees it as a pillar of security in the Middle East, called on Egyptian politicians to bridge divisions and on all sides to reject violence.

“President Mursi, as the democratically elected leader of Egypt, has a special responsibility to move forward in a way that recognizes the urgent need to bridge divisions,” State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said.”


Egypt’s leader signs contentious constitution into law

Also of import is the fact that no stable nation on the face of the earth has an equal religious split (50-50), this might explain why India and Pakistan, Sudan and South Sudan, etc, are today separate nations.

The possibility of there being a backtrack by the twelve core-Northern declared Islamic states is NIL! The question now becomes, will the US, UN, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, …, and the non-Islamic states in Nigeria acquiesce to these states with different commonality of interests from the Islamic states to continue living in an Islamic nation, Nigeria, when they now have the opportunity with the secession by the 12 Islamic states to peacefully form their own sovereign independent nations with their own unique brand of governance?

It is important that a 2000 analysis be retrieved from the Archives: ‘Debate SNC? Too late for that!’


Debate SNC? Too late for that!

Maazi Nnaemeka Onumonu

Debate SNC? Too late for that, the debate should be about the new emerging real African countries that are born from Nigeria.

“If you don’t implement Shariah your faith became questionable.” — Umaru Dikko. 

“There is nothing like my position as a former Head of State. This is an issue of Sharia and so it should rather be my position as a Muslim. I am a Muslim.” — Major-General Muhammadu Buhari 

“By the way whether one likes it or not, Muslims are in the majority in this country. So no going back on Sharia now.” – President Alhaji Shehu Shagari

As events continue to unfold in Nigeria, as all the experts continue to prescribe cures for the ailing nation, it is important that we step back and take a really careful look at the patient. Is the patient still alive or is all the treatment for naught?

If the patient is no longer alive, at what point did the patient give up the ghost? 

In this write-up I will contend and prove that there was never a country called Nigeria. And if there was never such a country, how can one cure something that never existed in the first place? 

This nonexistent entity called Nigeria, some say comprises of 13 to 250 ethnic groups. The number for this write-up is really not important. The forms of governments of these groups range from Hausa-Fulani Feudalism at one end and Igbo Ohacracy at the other end. Herein lies the death blow to this non-entity. For FEUDALISM and OHACRACY (government by the people) cannot and will never exist under the same umbrella. ONE WILL BY NATURE SEEK TO DESTROY THE OTHER! 

It is already common knowledge that the feudal masters refused independence when it was first offered – they were not ready!

In a speech by one of Africa’s greatest statesmen, President Julius Nyerere, he had this to say: “Indeed the Southern States of the Federation – which includes Biafra – delayed their own demands for independence until the North was ready to join them. At the insistence of the North also, the original suggestion of the National Council for Nigeria and the Cameroons (the political party which had its centre in the South) that Nigeria should be broken up into many small states with a strong centre, was abandoned. The South accepted a structure which virtually allowed the more populous North to dominate the rest.”

As can be seen from above the South had hence compromised and handed over to the North just about everything the Northern Feudal Masters wanted. Yet hate and distrust continued to fester.

Let’s take a look at some quotes from these great statesmen and founding fathers of this monster – Nigeria, about their fellow citizens: 

ALHAJI SIR AHMADU BELLO, K.B.E., Sardauna of Sokoto (The Premier): 

“It is my most earnest desire that every post in the region, however small it is, to be filled by a Northerner.” 

ALHAJI MUSTAFA ISMALIA ZANNA DUJUNA (minister of Establishments and Training):

“Mr. Chairman, Sir, since 1955 this government had laid down a policy. First NORTHERNERS, second EXPATRIATES and third, NON-NORTHERNERS.”

ALHAJI IBPAHIM MUSA GASHASH, O.B.E. (Minister of Land and Survey): 

“Mr. Chairman, Sir, I do not like to take up much of the time of this House in making explanations, but I would like to assure Members that having heard their demands about Ibos holding land in Northern Nigeria my Ministry will do all it can to see that the demands of members are met. How to do this, when to do it, all this should not be disclosed. In the course, you will all see what will happen.” 



This abomination of a country was an entity that was built on hate! As long as Ndi Igbo and other nations maintained their Ohacratic forms of government, they were a threat to these Feudal Lords and one way or the other had to be eliminated. This is understandable, for their brand of Feudalism to continue to exist, their subjects must remain ignorant and misinformed (this might also explain why despite the fact that billions of dollars had been pumped into the core North, yet educationally it continues to lag behind other areas of the country). Ohacracy challenged this basic assumption. In Ohacracy equality of all was stressed. Even more insulting was the belief that every man was king in his home – an abominable thought to the feudal lords.

Is it then a surprise that there continues to be pogroms and genocides against Igbo and other nations with same belief system in the North? 

The Statesman, Julius Nyerere continues: “Surely when a whole people is rejected by the majority of the state in which they live, they must have the right to life under a different kind of arrangement which does secure their existence. States are made to serve people; governments are established to protect the citizens of a state against external enemies and internal wrong-doers.”

He continued: 

“For while people have a duty to defend the integrity of their state, and even to die in its defence, this duty stems from the fact that it is theirs, and that it is important to their well-being and to the future of their children. When the state ceases to stand for honor, the protection, and the well being of its citizens, then it is no longer the instrument of those it has rejected. In such a case the people have the right to create another instrument for their protection – in other words, to create another state. This right cannot be abrogated by constitutions, nor by outsiders. The basis of statehood, and of unity can only be general acceptance by the participants. When more than twelve million people have become convinced that they are rejected, and that there is no longer any basis for unity between them and other groups of people, then unity has ceased to exist. You cannot kill thousands of people, and keep killing more, in the name of unity. There is no unity between the dead and those who killed them; and there is no unity in slavery or domination.” 

Since Nigeria had and has never guaranteed the safety and well being of sections of her citizenry, there obviously was and is not an entity called Nigeria, it is just a pipe dream and a figment of our imagination. 

Now let’s for the sake of argument assume that there is such a country – Nigeria. On Wednesday, October 27, 1999, the Governor of Zamfara formally launched the implementation of Sharia law, the Islamic legal system, in the state. 

What were the implications?

Let’s remember that Nigeria is a secular state.

Was there no warning of this impending disaster or crisis of monumental proportions? 

In an article in Post Express (10/22/99) the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Anthony Olubunmi Okogie is quoted: “He remarked that Nigeria is a secular state and as such its secularity must be maintained by what he called contending sections. To do otherwise, would threaten the corporate existence of the country.”

Also in another article in Post Express (10/18/99): “Prominent pro-democracy and human rights groups in the country have condemned the plan by Governor Ahmed Sani to transform Zamfara state into an Islamic state. Speaking in separate interviews with The Post Express, the groups described the governor’s intention as a breach of Nigeria’s constitution. According to the secretary of the committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Mr. Shina Laremikan, although the constitution allowed the establishment of a Federal Sharia Court and empowers State Assemblies to set up special courts declaration of an area as Islamic state contravenes the Nigerian constitution.

His view was supported by human rights activist and legal practitioner, Mr. Titi Agunye who stated categorically that, it was impossible for state officials to impose Sharia laws as supreme in a federation that was constitutionally secular.” 

These are just two of the many articles that tried to warn the country of the catastrophe that awaited it. As usual in its determination to continue the “Politics of Appeasement”, the country sat on its hands. For some reason the country continued to believe in the failed policy of “see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil”. Well, what the country feared most has befallen it. What the country sacrificed millions of innocent lives to achieve has become undone. The slogan “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” is now dead for all practical purposes. With that first implementation of Sharia, the genie is out of the bottle! 

Major-General Muhammadu Buhari has been vilified, insulted and abused for stating the simple truth by those one expects should know better. Just what is it that he said that is wrong? “There is nothing like my position as a former Head of State. This is an issue of Sharia and so it should rather be my position as a Muslim. I am a Muslim.”

What could be more true than the above? Do you expect him to deny his faith? Do you expect him to spit on his religion? Whose fault is it that those who insult him believe in nothing but money and power?

For those who still do not understand the gravity of the issue, Umaro Dikko had this to say:

“If you don’t implement Shariah your faith became questionable.”

We should now start to understand why no practicing Moslem will raise any objection to the implementation of Sharia. It now becomes crystal clear why other Moslem states will have no choice but implement Sharia. 

On Tuesday, 07, March, 2000. Vanguard carried this headline, “Emir back suspension of Sharia *Ondo Gov. blasts Buhari”.

But a careful perusal of the said article shows that the headline is all wrong. In fact the Headline of Vanguard: “Emirs keep mum on Sharia”, Sunday 12 March, 2000, is more appropriate. Lets remember who the Emirs are. They are the defenders of the faith! The last thing they would do is create any doubt amongst their followers. 

On a Subheading in Vanguard: “Suspension of Sharia is Permanent, Afolabi”, under the Headline “Shagari faults National Council of States over Sharia *No going back on Sharia, says Zamfara AG”: ” Internal Affairs Minister, Chief Sunday Afolabi, speaking on BBC yesterday said the withdrawal of the Sharia was final”.

Prediction: He will not hold that position for long! 

In matters of faith, all bets are off!

Moslem North will implement Sharia, and they have every right to implement it. The only question is what will be the boundary of this new Islamic state? For the advocates of ‘one Nigeria’, they had better get used to living in an Islamic country. 

The SNC debate is dead, there is no Nigeria, the new debate is: WHAT WILL BE THE BOUNDARY OF THE NEW EMERGING STATES? Every ethnic group must now speak up or forever remain silent. For those who refuse to speak up, others will make the supreme choice for them, and they must live with the result of their silence. 

Those who have ears to hear let them hear!

Those who have eyes to read let them read!

You have been warned.

IT is written, so it shall be. ISEEEE!!!! 


No people should be forced into a union that seeks to exterminate them; Nigeria has the distinct record as a genocide state and its past and current history continue to confirm its insatiable appetite for the blood of the innocent.

The term Genocaust (Igbo genocide and holocaust) arose from the demand of the investigator of the crimes of genocide against Nigeria for a new term to address the unbelievable brutality and inhumane treatment by Nigeria on a section of its peoples.

“The compliant treats the political issues very exhaustively and argues in a convincing manner that the federal structure of government, by virtue of its being imposed by a colonial power upon the various ethnic groups of the Federation, without proper consideration of the wishes of these groups, was, from its inception, unworkable and untenable in the light of political realities. The Complaint argues that the seeds of the present conflict were sown in the colonial days and that, whereas it was intended that the federal structure instituted upon Independence would be a blessing for the various ethnic groups, it has become a curse under which the peoples of Biafra, the North, the West and the Mid-West are smarting, and that all these should have been foreseen by the colonial power. In order words, the 1960 Federation meant anarchy, not democracy.

In examining the failure of the principle of federation in its 1960 form, the Complaint cites and discusses examples of the reaction of the peoples within the 1960 Federation.

The vociferous demands of people in authority in all the regions to have the Federation broken up.

Acts of violence directed at the achievement of this, namely the breakup of the Federation.

Frustration borne out of the inability to effect political changes. The report suggests that this frustration resulted in the committing, with unbelievable impunity, of the most heinous crimes in human history.

The crimes are described in the Complaint all along, as genocide, but, from my investigations, it appears that there is more to it than genocide in the conventional sense. The alleged genocide committed in Biafra and, unfortunately, cited with less clarity in the Complaint, may need a different terminology in International law …

“In my investigation into the methods used in committing the atrocities against the peoples of Biafran origin, my witnesses described scenes which appear to have followed the Nazi pattern of the “final solution” which followed the Wannsee Conference.”

Investigator’s Report


An International Commission of Jurists Find Prima Facie Evidence of Genocide

The only solution to the failed state Nigeria, with the mounting preponderance of evidence of its inability and refusal to cater to the safety and needs of the ethnic nationalities in the forced mirage of a so-called union, is the peaceful dissolution of that abomination. Nigeria must be the first of many African nations to go the way of the dinosaurs, finally, making way for true and real African countries.

Maazi Nnaemeka Mene Onumonu-Uzoaru

Igbo Sculptor; Ancient Igbo/Biafara Analyst, Strategist and Long Range Planner.

Probably the only male Igbo survivor of the Port Harcourt Genocaust (Igbo genocide and holocaust)

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