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Fuel scarcity: Hooked or crooked by fuel stations? Call DPR


*My kinky adventure with fraudulent filling stations

‘Today we bought fuel for N170 at Kaduna. I was angry about that and felt I was not going to just allow it to go so I looked for a post shared sometime back on contacting Department of Petroleum Resources [DPR] field officers.

I got in touch with one but he told me he was in KT and urged me to send an sms in a form of complaints so that he could forward it to the KD field officers, I did that but was still not satisfied so I google DPR field officer for Kaduna and Abuja. I was lucky the search came up fruitful though I got contacts of zonal operations officers of all d 36 states.

I called that of Kaduna and laid my complaints to him, to which he said I should send it as a text message. I did but felt it he was not going to do anything. 

After sometime he called and asked if I was close to go and see for myself. I didn’t hesitate; I rushed down and alas! DPR had taken over operations and were giving out fuel free in the two filling stations I complained about. 

Since he pleaded with me to give him a feedback, I sure did. Talking with him, he made me realize that the challenge they face in carrying out their assignment is the fact that members of the public do not inform them of such happenings and most times when dey go out for inspections, the stations quickly adjust their pump price.

I decide to narrate this so as to plead with members of the public not to hesitate to inform DPR and all others responsible of any irregularity we see at any filling station.

We need to help them carry out their duties diligently.

Below are the contacts for all zonal operations and a copy of my complaint:

“Pls I wish to bring to the notice of DPR field officers in Kaduna d disheartening activities of two filling stations, namely Sassada Petroleum Limited and MS Petroleum all situated at the bypass adjacent to NDA bypass gate. 

“With the openness in their activities by selling @ N170 and same boldly showing on their pumping machines, one is left with the firm believe that the owners have the full backing of the authorities in the oil industry. Pls to clear our mind I urge that urgent action be taken on them. Bar. Mohammed”

DPR Zonal/Field Offices Operations Contact Telephone Numbers Nationwide:

1. ABA: P.O. EZEMANDU – 08055205704

2. ABUJA: M.B. SAIDU – 08057495196

3. AKURE: O. OSENI – 08056497117

4. BENIN: M.O ORIAFO – 08113936390

5. EKET: A.E ANTAI – 08070690617

6. ENUGU: P.I IJEH – 08070690611

7. GOMBE: Z.M AJI – 08070690633

8. IBADAN: P.O OGUNLANA – 08070690636

9. ILORIN: S.N PHILLIP – 08150618402

10. JOS: D. CAESAR – 08056696568

11. KADUNA: U.K. NDANUSA – 08058298850

12. KANO: K TAFIDA – 08070690624

13. KATSINA: M.A. SANI – 08070690635

14. LAGOS: S.S. ABUBAKAR – 08058298861

15. LOKOJA: A.O JOKODOLA – 08055202657

16. MAIDUGURI: B.A. MUSA – 08056497091

17. MAKURDI: B.EWUGA – 08023021803

18. MINNA: A.ISAH – 08056696578

19. OWERRI: N. AKPAMGBO – 08056099185

20. PORT-HARCOURT: H.O. IBIYEMI – 08113952134

21. SOKOTO: M.D. MAKERA – 08056696560

22. WARRI: O.A KOKU – 09021212189

23. YENAGOA: B.NKANGA – 08056696566

24. YOLA: A.MUSA – 08033090729

Barrister Mohammed

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