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Fulani Beef As One Of 1st Casualties Of African Free Trade

By Odilim Enwegbara


One of the first casualties emerging from Buhari’s just signed African free trade agreement is Fulani cattle business.

With the automatic dumping of better, sweeter and healthier Ethiopian and South African beef into the Nigerian consumer market, that is the automatic decimation of the Nigerian cattle business. And that is the end of the centuries-old cattle herding business in Nigeria by millions of Fulanis.

The author, Odilim Enwegbara

The question we have not asked ourselves is: but why is it Ethiopia, not Nigeria that today has the largest cattle population in Africa? Your guess is as good as mine. In other words, it is because Ethiopia has over the years transformed its cattle herding from small holding grazing to highly organized large scale cattle ranching.

Without transforming Fulani cattle business into large scale livestock business in such a way that replaces the small holding cattle grazing with large scale cattle ranching, the future is as dead as it is already hopeless today.

This is what lack of business foresight by previous governments has done to the country’s livestock industry. But that this government is so determined in going the same way is what makes the future of millions of Fulani cattle herders in Nigeria hopeless to say the least.

Buhari’s poor understanding of what is at stake is the biggest challenge facing this business. But there is no way he could have understood that cattle grazing being primitive has no place in today capitalist marketplace, where given the fierce nature of the competition.

So, there no way he is away of the urgency to transform Fulani cattle business into a modern capitalist business.

I still believe that if and when given the change to govern, Atiku will find the badly needed lasting solutions for the dying Fulani cattle business.

He knows that its survival is dependent on bringing in lots of investments and massively scaling up and modernization into a full blown capital and technology intensive business.

Election rigging is over in Nigeria

Nigeria will become the first country to have 100% done away with election rigging.

2019 will be remembered as the last election year Nigerian who the electorate have their votes stolen by Buhari and APC with the full help of INEC.

This is because, starting from 2023, it is going to be e-voting all through from party primaries to national general elections. For the first time Nigeria will offer the rest of the world the most advanced electronic voting in the history of e-voting.

This goes to the extent of making it easier for a camel to through the eye of a needle than for election rigging to happen again in Nigeria. Not INEC will have the power to change the vote figures and arbitrarily award them to whomever the electoral umpire prefers.

INEC can’t because going forward it is going to be reduced to an mere institutional spectator, just the same way FIFA is a mere institutional spectator during world cup football matches.

Even the judiciary and the post the multibillion naira post election litigation too will become a thing of the past.

With the elections no longer rigged, only the politicians chosen by the people will be elected. And vote buying to also history.

I want my friends to hold me fully responsible for these words for they not a joke but the reality on our way!

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