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Fulani Herdsmen: Yoruba Cowardice and Blank Threats

Yoruba Cowardice

Image: A typical Yoruba man

I’m surprised some Yorubas here are responding to the wild dreams and empty threats by a few highly educated but emotionally shaken elite Yorubas polluting our print media with their empty threats that they will take Yoruba out of Nigeria if the United Nations does not help to save them from the menace of Fulani cattle and some horse whip-equipped Fulani herdsmen harassing then in their lands. 

Any Nigerian that has known the Yorubas or lived with them would wonder when a Yoruba could be trusted to mean what they say or do what they mean or be brave enough like the Igbos to affect a physical threat.

 I remember how 2 Igbo boys on my street in Ajegunle, Lagos, were able to ward off an army of Yoruba men, some armed with machetes during a street fight those days following Biafra by just keeping quiet and guessing fiercely on their shaken faces. Some of them fell on their knives as quickly as one of the hungry looking Igbo genocide survivor raised an arm on one of them, a fully grown stoutly framed Yoruba.

Here are some of the reasons Yoruba lords want to secede from Nigeria; 

1) Abiola was denied his God-given birth right to lead Nigeria. 

2) Their Lord, Olu Falae was kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen armed with old horse whips. 

3) Awolowo was cheated out of the presidency after helping the Fulanis crush Biafra.

For them, these few incidences has made their case to take their hands off  the SE/SS dinner that has made them and the Fulanis  bloated and bad mouthing.

Such a minor harassment , as compared with the  mass murder of the Igbos in the early 60ies got them shaking and seeking a foreign intervention to handle a handful of  entitled Hausa and Fulani guys and their flock grazing on their  lands and invading our high ways and gardens.

Their threat is their screwed way of saying, ‘lookia guys, we shall join Togo if you guys, and Buhari in particular don’t do anything about these naked and hungry Fulanis invading our farm lands and seeking to exhume and cart away Chief Awolowo’s remains’.

I have said somewhere few days ago, that Mgbatis are ball-stripped and cannot do a shit in defense of themselves the way the Iyamirins did it earlier when the Fulanis, Hausas and the Yorubas determined to eliminate the Igbo tribe out of existence.

Their cowing us won’t work especially now more and more Nigerians have known Yoruba’s shiftiness and two sided loud-mouthing.

Should they leave: They will be surprised to witness how gladly the rest of Nigeria would let them join Togo and how difficult the Ayos and Afis Alukos would find getting visas to visit Kano would be. 

For those of you wondering how FFK could miss such a very crucial Yoruba elite seminar please relax your emotions. His name is Kayode and never Okoro. He is sometimes smart like an Okoro would be.

And if you are interested to know who else knows the elite Yorubas seeking help with dealing with Fulani cattle and their rearers, read what Aloko just said about his elite state of the mind when they finally realized the Igbos were never wrong when they sort for Biafra.  He called brothers diarrhea of the mouth a CRAP. Yes, Aluko do know when a threat is a BS. 

Another very quickly Yoruba that knows his people well, Mr Ayo, quickly assured us the Yorubas ain’t going anywhere, implying Nigeria should have known it already that no Yes by a Yoruba should be so understood.

Igbos say; Ishi choro Ibu ogidi bia nwalee. (let that head that wants to lift a log give it a trial) . 


Dan Akusobi

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