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Genocide: SOKAPU Drags El-rufai to United Nations

Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) has dragged Governor Nasir El-rufai to the United Nations (UN) over the ongoing violence in Kaduna state by the Fulani militia against the indigenes.

President of SOKAPU, Hon. Jonathan Asake disclosed this while speaking during a video conference organized by Governance Index and anchored in the United Kingdom (UK)

Asake said that over 100 communities across four local governments in the state have been pushed out by the Fulani militia. [SEE VIDEO BELOW]

The SOKAPU President said, “We are compiling what is happening in Southern Kaduna, local government by local government, community by community.

“We have had a sitting with the UN and we have given them some statistics that over 100 communities have been pushed out of their lands as of today.

“These Fulani militia move into the farms of the indigenes at night, they use cutlass to cut down the farms and destroy them, and by day time, they push their cattle into the farmland and destroy the crops, but none of the culprits have prosecuted”.

“Governor El-rufai has decided to be the spokesperson of police. The Police PRO no longer make statements.

“El-rufai is the person that justify the attacks that are taking place, all his actions and inactions suggest that the Governor’s hands are not clean regarding what is going on in our communities.”

Asake disclosed that Governor El-rufai has not done anything for the people of Southern Kaduna since 2015 adding that El-rufai has concentrated all state projects in Kaduna state in the Hausa-Fulani area.

He said, “When he was asked whether he has done any infrastructure in Southern Kaduna, he said the region has the largest budget, but since 2015, the road that started before his coming in as governor, that road is still uncompleted till today.

“All the projects in Southern Kaduna are cited within the Hausa-Fulani community, there are schools are being built concrete precast, it is right inside the fence of the emirate, that is something that is very strange, he is the very first person to call people of Southern Kaduna, bigots.

“In chikun local government area, when he came in as governor, there were 13 districts that make up the chiefdom, El-rufai dissolved to two districts, out of those two he brought a Fulani man to be the chief head in Gbagi kingdom, and they have written that they want an emirate, it has been concluded that an emirate is going to be created in Gbagi chiefdom.”

Atake said that federal government has increased the presence of security personnel in the area adding that there is serious humanitarian crisis in the area.

He said, “The Federal government has increased the presence of the military in the area and we are hoping that this will bring the solution.

However we still insist the communities that have been displaced; “In four local government areas, 100 communities have been displaced and they are living in neighbouring communities or in IDP camps.

“This has created a very serious humanitarian crisis for the area, that is the main issue now.”

VIDEO: Governor El-rufai’s hands are not clean over Southern Kaduna Killings – Asake

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