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George Floyd given Igbo name, reburied in Imo State


The late George Floyd, the “I can’t breathe” maestro has been reburied “alongside with his ancestors” in Mbaise Town in Imo State.

According to IgbereTV reports, a clergyman, Pastor Humble Okoro “discovered” and “linked” the late George Floyd to Mbaise Town.

Okoro prepared an elaborate funeral ceremony for the late George Floyd.

He also gave him an Igbo name “Obinna” to justify the effort.

Reacting to his “discovery”, Pastor Okoro said:

“I have traced the ancestral root of George Obinna Floyd to Umuoffor kindred in Obokwu obibi, Aboh Mbaise, Imo State.

“I feel so happy now that we have reburied him alongside with his ancestors.”

The said discovery by Pastor Okoro allegedly linking the late Floyd to a Nigerian root, however, was not certain as the clergyman did not disclose how he “traced” the lineage of the late Floyd.

George Floyd was an African American who died after a police officer pinned him down with his knee on his neck leading to his eventual death.

Four Minneapolis cops involved in the incidence were fired.

The video showed a white officer kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed black man for six minutes during his arrest for alleged forgery leading to his death.

Minneapolis police chief, who announced this, said the police officers involved in incident have been fired.

Video footage taken by a bystander showed how a white police officer murdered a black man identified as George Floyd by kneeling on the neck during the arrest.

The Late Floyd was heard repeatedly telling the officers that he is in pain and cannot breathe before he eventually lost consciousness.

Police authorities confirmed that the man later died in the hospital after ‘suffering medical distress’.

The incident sparked off a series of “Black Lives Matter” protests across the United States of America and the world in general.

During one such protest, Houstonians gathered at Cuney Homes in the Third Ward to pray for the family of George Floyd.

During the prayer, the white people in attendance knelt down and asked for forgiveness for years of racism against Blacks, according to Click2Houston report.

The powerful moment was followed up by the black community accepting the apology and joining together in prayer.

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