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George Uboh to Police, CBN Gov. Emefiele: charge me to court or release me


George Uboh urges Police DIG Tony and CBN Gov. Emefiele to charge him to court or release him

After 23 days in detention at the FCIID, George Uboh, through his attorney—kenayo, urges Police DIG Tony Michael and CBN Governor Emefiele to desist from charging him and withdrawing charges;

Uboh vehemently demands to be charged to court in order to have the opportunity to introduce the quantum of evidence in his possession regarding over $2.5 billion missing under Emefiele’s watch.

Uboh requests that if the Police or court does not find him guilty of defaming Emefiele, then the documents in his possession must be deemed genuine in which case Emefiele must be charged.

Simply put, Uboh asserts someone must be charged.

Details later..

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