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George Uboh’s Goodwill Message to Nigeria, Nigerians @ 52

As the foremost whistleblower in Nigeria and expert on whistleblowing, I hereby posit that the greatest weapon to fight corruption and insecurity (the hybrid scourge plaguing Nigeria) is whistleblowing.

The U.S used whistleblowing to reduce corruption and insecurity significantly in the 1840s during the civil war and, thereafter, gave it legal backing through the false claims act, qui tam action, foreign corrupt practices act etc.

To that extent, I give credit to President Buhari who embraced whistleblowing during election and as the substantive President.

However, I wish to reiterate as I have done in my open letters to Buhari and during my numerous interviews that some of Buhari’s cabinet members are not doing enough to ensure that Nigerians benefit from the dividends of Buhari’s promises.

By now we should have a whistleblowers office as in other countries through which whistleblowers are paid swiftly for tips on insecurity, crimes and criminality.

By now we should have a database of all Nigerians on the homeland and in the diaspora through which crimes will be solved swifter, one man one vote is guaranteed, and database of all movable and immovable assets to ensure that all assets in Nigeria are reconciled with their owners hence account for people who own hundreds of houses and landed properties in Nigeria.

Let me end by saying that Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England is Canadian, not British. We need the best people; we need meritocracy, not mediocrity.

God Bless Nigeria.

George Uboh

Chairman, George Uboh Whistleblowers Network

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