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German health minister calls for solidarity in vaccine distribution


German Health Minister, Jens Spahn has called for solidarity in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines at a meeting with his G7 colleagues in Britain.

“The European Union is helping to vaccinate the world right now. 50 per cent of the vaccines produced in the EU are and have been exported because we know very well we are not safe until everyone in the world is safe,’’ Spahn told dpa in Oxford on Thursday.

He was therefore, determined to urge his colleagues to export more COVID-19 vaccines, the health minister said.

Britain, which currently holds the G7 group presidency and the U.S. have so far exported almost no jabs.

Of course, Britain should be proud “of what has been developed here in Oxford,’’ said Spahn, referring to a COVID-19 vaccine developed by researchers at Oxford University together with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

However, the important issue was to make the vaccines developed under international cooperation available to the world, he added.

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