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Ghana’s Special Anti-Graft Prosecutor resigns, accuses Akufo of political interference

Ghana’s Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Martin Amidu has resigned. The former attorney general accuses President Nana Akufo-Addo of political interference.

Amidu said he had become convinced “that I was not intended to exercise any independence” in the job.

The prosecutor said he quit after the president tried to get him to “shelve” a report on a plan to sell the country’s future gold royalties to an offshore firm that involved the finance Minister, who is also the president’s cousin.

Although, the resignation of Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has raised a lot of questions about the level of transparency in Addo’s administration in Ghana. 

Moreover, this unfortunate resignation of Martin Amidu could stand as a set back to Addo Akufo’s reelection bid.

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