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Give Buhari time to respond to our demands, Clark, Attah plead with N-Deltans


There is only one confidence building measure of note – begin the implementation of the recommendations from the recent national conference, which should then be followed with a referendum by ALL ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria, each finally, being presented with the opportunity to finally make the ultimate decision on the way forward!

It is that simple, why convert a molehill to a mountain?

Any suggestion not based on the ‘golden rule of the ethnicities’ below is dead on arrival!

Each ethnic nationality must speak for itself;

Each ethnic nationality must control its political space;

Each ethnic nationality must control its boundaries;

Each ethnic nationality must control 100% of its resources;

Each ethnic nationality must grow at its own pace;

Each ethnic nationality must make the ultimate decision by itself alone on the way forward.

Let the discuss continue.

Maazi Nnaemeka Mene Onumonu-Uzoaru

A founding member of both the ‘Peace Actualization of Biafra’ and ‘Global Igbo Renaissance’ (1996) 


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