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Goodluck Jonathan was bad, but Buhari is Worst!


Granted that president Buhari has not proven that he is better than Jonathan, it was obvious to me that Jonathan was a failed president who would lose a free and fair election. My major disappointment with president Buhari is his parochialism with appointments to public offices. The daringness with which he appoints Northerners, men, and Muslims into positions of responsibility in a plural society as Nigeria is annoying.

Re: Regime change – New book justifies Jonathan’s claims 

Greg UkaegbuIn that broadcast, Obama told Nigerians: ‘Now you have an historic opportunity to help write the next chapter of Nigeria’s progress by voting in the upcoming elections…Boko Haram wants to destroy Nigeria and all that you have built. By casting your ballot you can help secure your nation’s progress.’(Bolaji Adebiyi).

No doubt that Obama never liked Jonathan, which is very strange indeed.  It is not as if Obama liked Jonathan initially and changed midway, for example, after the Chibok crisis.  No.  Obama disliked Jonathan with a passion from the word “Go”.  Axelrod advising APC must have received Obama’s nod, but it is John Kerry’s presence in Nigeria before the elections that made it clear that Obama was determined to give Jonathan a Kung Fu Kick on the teeth.

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Why Obama disliked a straight forward gentleman like Jonathan ( who has some Obama characteristics), but instead liked a crooked dictator who had toppled Nigerian democracy previously, is one of Obama’s greatest mistakes. Obama dealt the entire black race a blow by helping to elect Buhari and damaging Nigeria’s democratic trajectory.  Buhari is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria, and Buhari started hurting Nigeria in 1982.  

Today, Nigerians have resoundingly acknowledged and regretted their collective mistake in electing Buhari. Looking back at the period is one of the most frustrating things that I have ever felt.  

Watching an entire nation senselessly driving over a cliff on account of a simple word “Change” sold to APC by one White Man.  Nigerians went bananas over the word change and failed to rationally weigh Jonathan and Buhari, as people should do when deciding to buy a product in the market.  Nigerians failed themselves and the result is the mess the country, which might lead to an inevitable geographical disintegration.

Axelrod earned the most a human being has ever earned by pronouncing the word “Change”.  APC paid him millions of dollars for that word, and all Nigerians except Ndi Igbo fell for it. 

Jonathan’s guys on the ground were insanely dull, they had it coming and were so slow in reacting.  The same thing that happened to Hilary here in the US is what happened to Jonathan in Nigeria.  Jonathan’s name and reputation were called into question by an unrelenting barrage of negativity, just as over 40 years was spent damaging Hilary Clinton.  It works! as all of you can see.  Jonathan’s guys were asleep at the wheel when it came to protecting his name.

I know we Nigerians like to take each other for granted, but after the Chibok incident I made it clear in these forums that Jonathan might not be reelected.  I said so based on the attraction and alignment of certain women around the world to that abduction.  That Chibok abduction, which still is very difficult to conceptualize, did Jonathan great harm.  His slow awakening to the problem did not help him much. 

But Jonathan should remain a shining example for any Southerner who is lucky to become a president.  That person would the greatest fool if they think that their path to a great and meaningful presidency starts in Northern Nigeria.  Big time False.  You go South, please your people, edifying your achievements in the South before going North.  If you do it in reverse, you lose big time.  Example?  Jonathan and the North.  

If Jonathan had paid half the attention he gave to the North to the South, he would have been reelected.  Corruption can be controlled with effective accounting measures, but you can’t fix a man who comes into being a president with absolutely nothing than an irrational deification acquired on the simple fact that he doesn’t say much.  Nigerians are crazy. 

Buhari doesn’t say much because Buhari does not know enough to say much.  The man understands his limitations but Nigerians took the quiet-attribute in Buhari for a Zen-like quality, deified the simple man, put a halo on his head and started worshipping him.  He is like a frog that sings endlessly in the dark, but once the light’s on, he keeps quiet.  Nigerians just found out, but they were warned. 

The stars aligned for Buhari–Obama, Axelrod, Kerry, Chibook, and Nigerians going gaga over a simple word–Change.  Whereas Jonathan or Buhari were not the best at the last presidential elections, they had the best name recognition and real choice was limited to two of them.  There were a few guys below them that could have done Nigeria proud at this time.  Too late, so sad.

Jonathan Deserves to Lose

Nebukadineze Adiele – President Jonathan made himself unlikeable to all thoughtful people. Bear in mind that he was admired in the same manner that Obama was admired, but while Obama kept those qualities for which he was admired (he shunned corruption, learned quickly on the job and led, etc), Jonathan embraced mediocrity, corruption, a visionless posture, profligacy, intellectual docility, etc. 

President Jonathan is correct that president Obama and Prime Minister Camron of the UK wanted him defeated (I don’t know why people were criticizing him for saying so), but why he does not know their reason shows how much clueless he was in office. President Jonathan failed to lead Nigeria — he was pushed around by all and sundry; he allowed corruption to fester on the land; he practically crippled the EFCC; profligacy with the nation’s wealth was rampant (I don’t like anyone who spends government money recklessly), he had no idea of what he wanted to do for Nigeria and with Nigeria; he accomplished nothing while in office for which Nigerians of the future will remember him; he failed his SS neighborhood — he could not even deploy the might of the federal government to arrest the Atlantic Ocean’s swallowing of some villages in his native Bayelsa state.

His appointing Minima as Army chief, ahead of his seniors who were forced to retire overnight, was nepotism carried to the disadvantage of the nation (president Buhari has replicated that stupidity with his appointment of the current IG of police). Jonathan’s appointment of Minimah as Army Chief created strong distrust and silent disloyalty within the military, thus when the military had its chance to exact some revenge (when Boko haram struck), it wasted no time failing to do its job. Minima was probably the most incompetent Army Chief that Nigeria has ever had because he was too junior to have been spirited to that position at that time. His being of Okrika, which makes him half Igbo and Patience Jonathans’s kinsman (Minimah is an Igbo name) was what garnered him that position. 

I had to dwell on Minimah’s appointment because it led to Jonathan’s poor performance with Boko Haram. Anyone who doubts that the Nigerian military dropped the ball on Boko Haram must be clueless and naïve. Jonathan failed as president in the eyes of the entire world with his performance over the kidnapped Chibok school girls in particular and in handling Boko Haram in gneeral. The Nigerian military allowed him to so fail because they harbored ill wills toward him — the Service Chiefs were corrupt and incompetent, yet Jonathan tolerated and even respected them. 

Bottom-line, Ebele blew away the goodwill with which the word greeted his presidency. Had he appointed people who would tell him what he must hear (just as did Obama), he would still be president today. These foreign leaders did no longer respect him because they could see how corrupt most people around him were, how his incompetence was dragging the country back, and how limited in thought and ideas he was.

When president Obama invited some African leaders for some conference on how to develop Africa, president Jonathan said something so exceptionally stupid that Obama gave him a dirty look. Jonathan had quipped that Obama could not develop Africa without first developing Nigeria (the clip of that embarrassing utterance is still flowing on the internet, especially on Youtube). To me, that day was the day Obama considered him a moron, for he began to keep Jonathan at arms’ length thenceforth. 

Granted that president Buhari has not proven that he is better than Jonathan, it was obvious to me that Jonathan was a failed president who would lose a free and fair election. My major disappointment with president Buhari is his parochialism with appointments to public offices. The daringness with which he appoints Northerners, men, and Muslims into positions of responsibility in a plural society as Nigeria is annoying.

Past Nigerian leaders disguised any biases they had for their folks, but not Buhari, he gives no damn about his biases for Northern/Muslim/male posture. That is not a mark of a national leader and had I known that he was this primitive, I would never have supported him — his conduct is capable of turning Nigeria into South Sudan. 

Ogbuefi Ndigbo

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