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Gov Obiano Blows N55m on Gold Beds, N25m on dining tables


Obi and ObianoThe camp of former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi has continued to expose the extravagant life style of the present governor in office.

ABOVE: Obi and Obiano

This follows the controversy surrounding the exact amount in cash the previous governor handed over to Governor Wilie Obiano upon assuming office.

Among other things, Obiano allegedly uses golden beds, golden dinning table, and generally wasting public fund on frivolities.

Here are the lists and the spending pattern of the present Government at Awka. How Obiano is squanderingi Anambra money while blaming lack of funds for a lackluster performance in the office:

5 Billion Naira approved by EXCO for the celebration of the first 100 days in office

I Billion Naira monthly as security vote as if he buys hardware such as fighter planes

Hundreds of millions for 2014 Christmas decoration and buying of horses

Paid 3.2 billion Naira to water corporation (though money was 1st bank ecological funds left by Obi and garnished by the court)

40 Million Naira to change the gates at Government Lodge to befit his status.

35 Million Naira to mount a befitting gate at the Government House

Changed the roof of all the buildings in Government House with the sum of 700 Million Naira

Changed all the tiles in Government House to pale granite at 150 Million Naira

Bought dining table at 25 Million

Bought seats for his palour (lodge) at 50 Million

Meanwhile the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has finally broken his silence on the controversy raging over the actual amount he left in the coffers of the state when he left office. 


Obi stated: “Let me put the records straight concerning the unnecessary controversy over debt and the 75 Billion Naira in investment & cash my government left. I left office almost two years (over 600 days) ago and I will not comment on the statements of my successor, or his proxies.

“All I can confirm is that we never borrowed from any bank in Nigeria, issued any bonds or owed any certificate for jobs executed when we left office. We handed certified accounts statements. Whatever we said we left is properly documented. Copies of same were made public at an event in Women Development Centre, Awka.

“The Managing Directors of the three banks in which the respective sums were domiciled and the incumbent governor were in attendance. Should it be that the government has lost or misplaced its own documents, it can approach the banks. I will also make myself available within 48hrs, complete with my own copies of the documents; as I still have them.

“I will not be seen as working against the progress of Anambra State, a state I did everything possible to put on the right track. All I can tell you is that I will earnestly continue praying for my successor to build a better Anambra State for our children.

“My heart bleeds whenever Anambra is on the news for the wrong reasons. I am also earnestly praying for the President of Nigeria to build a better Nigeria. I am presenting Nigeria as a most attractive investment destination in Africa to my class at Cambridge University at 2p.m. today (yesterday).”

It would be recalled that Anambra State government had called a press conference on Saturday and alleged that Obi left a debt of over 100 Billion for his predecessor.

His Media aide, Mr. Valentine Obienyem described the claim as untrue, challenging Anambra State government to publish the contracts and the names of those being owed.

He further called on Association of Anambra Accountants to set up an independent committee to look into Anambra finances as at March 17th, 2014, to ascertain the actual amount Obi left in the treasury, insisting that Anambra State is looking for justification for the massive loans they had concluded to take from financial institutions.

Mr Obenyem further revealed  the extravagant spending pattern of the present Government at Awka as follows:

Bought gold bed from the USA at 30 Million

Bought another gold bed for his wife at 25 Million Naira

Imported kitchen cabinet from the USA at 40 Million

Bought musical sets for his Aguleri home at 150 Million. He is getting set to use it for the first time for a party in Aguleri on Saturday, the 21st

Bought land of all those around him at Aguleri and re-located them elsewhere.

Pays his Commissioners and SAs over N400,000 monthly as against 190,000 Obi paid

Pays SSAs over N300,000 as against 160,000 Obi paid

In less than two years, he has used more vehicles than Obi used in 8 years

His SSg, Prof. Solo Chukwulobelu uses 3 prado and 2 Hilux

His present Chief of Staff, Prof. Azike uses 2 prado and 2 Hilux

His present Principal Secretary, Mr. Nwokoye uses 2 prado and 1 pick up

And many more”

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