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Gov Obiano unhappy over siting of police zonal headquarters at Ukpo-Dunukofia

By Chief Mike Okwuogu

  • Governor Obiano is urging Abba to protest lost land case and create tensions

There are indications that Governor of Anambra State has not yet given up on his plan to locate the newly created Zonal Police Headquaters in his home town Aguleri.

Over the week President Mohammed Buhari approved the restructuring of the Nigeria Police and created five new zonal headquaters with zone 13 to be sighted in Ukpo-Dunukofia.

Insiders had it the Gov Obiano of Anambra State had lobbied for the new police zone headquarters to be located at his home town of Aguleri. The governor’s interest and plan was turned down due to the informed decision to keep the new police zone headquarters in the State Capital territory.

Awka Capital territory as gazzeted by Federal Urban and Physical development authority includes Ukpo, Enugu Agidi, Agulu and others. Therefore Ukpo being in Awka capital territory became the best choice for the new police zone headquarters

Moreover the governor who has manifestly shown excessive selfishness since becoming the governor on the good will of the Anambra people. His Aguleri town has been in war with their neighbour Umueri.

A bloody war that has consumed over hundred lives, Aguleri and Umueri land dispute war has remained Anambra most ugly community war in recent history.

Aside the fact that Aguleri is in a remote area and torn apart in the communal wars with Umueri, locating the new police zone headquarters there will be same as taking it to Delta State and further afar from Ebonyi and Enugu states.

However it is clear that President Mohammed Buhari and Nigeria Police force chose Ukpo as the new police zone headquarters over the town’s nature and central location for easy access and administrative convinces. This decision indeed is most appropriate.

This has not yet gone down well with the governor who is still plotting on how to take the new police zone headquarters to the remote village Aguleri.

Intelligence report shows that the Governor who has about twelve Special and Executive Assistants from Abba community in the latest move plans to instigate unrest between the two communities and through that generate protests against the new police zone headquarters at Ukpo.

The Governor’s Assistants from Abba who are mobilizing youths for this protest include Hon Nweke whose father Chief Godwin Nweke was recently cut fencing Ukpo lands into his compound at Abba, Hon Ngozi at the Governor’s protocol office among others.

The plan is for Abba community which had lost forty-four years Land Case to Ukpo and Ukwulu communities to start protests and allege false claims against Ukpo. The protests which will be sponsored by the Governor’s Assistants from Abba will be moved to Awka.

At Awka the protesters will allege intimidation and forceful seizures of lands by Ukpo community for the new police zone headquarters.

At this the Anambra State Government will then urge the President Buhari and Nigeria Police to move the new police zone headquarters to a new location citing the protest as reasons for the advice.

It is on record that Abba community had lost its land case against Ukpo and Ukwulu communities at the Supreme Court since February 2019.

That even the attempt to falsely resurrect the case by Abba through the State High Court Neni was also rightly dismissed by the High Court Judge who ruled that the land case ended at the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

While Abba is beginning to accept their fate, Anambra State Government that should be championing peace as many communities in Anambra are presently in land dispute is surprisingly fanning the flames of dispute because of the governor’s interest.

Men of goodwill and sound reasoning acknowledge and accept the new police zone headquarters rightly situated at Ukpo, within the Awka Capital territory.



It is noteworthy that as at the moment of publication of this article on Thursday, which was submitted for publication on Wednesday, residents of Abba Community are protesting against the police and Ukpo over the land.

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