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Gov Tambuwal and the development of Gudu LG of Sokoto State

Hon. Sani Yakubu Member representing Gudu at Sokoto State House of Assembly

Picture: Hon. Sani Yakubu Member representing Gudu at Sokoto State House of Assembly

From Sokoto the state capital to Gudu Local Government is 72 Kilometer journey, the local government was among the historic places that plays important roles in making the Jihad of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio, his sons and scholars successful. 

Tourists and other people from various axis in Africa are visiting both the Dan Fodio Mosque at Kwato and also its river which become the battle ground in those days, they also visits Yunfa Mosque at Labsani.

Fulani and Hausa are the major tribes that dominated the said local government, of course you are right if you said they are rearing of animals such as cattle, sheep, goat, camel, poultry and they also used donkeys and horses as well as camels for transportation of both people and farm products to markets. 

From my findings one of their major problems in the area of accruing good revenue is lack of dams to be used in boosting food production through irrigation farming of cash crops such as Rice, Soya Beans, Beans, Groundnut, Onion and Tomatoes, building dams in the area will not only boost irrigation, at the same time it is going to solve flood disaster facing the area every rainy season as result of its abundance coming from Argungu to Karfen-Chana and from Niger Republic to Kutafare (therefore there is need for dams to be built at Karfen-Chana and Kutafare to champion this noble cause).

It is timely for the administration of Governor Aminu W. Tambuwal to provide shelter belt from Boto to Gwazange to Bachaka in order to bring the problems of desert encroachment a history. Two boarding secondary schools should be built one each at Bachaka and Balle Districts. 

also a Skill Acquisition Center should be provided at Balle in order for the youth in the area to learn different skills that will makes them self-reliant to the society, as while collar job is very scarce these days. 

For people to become very closer to the government through good awareness on its programs and where its need their support, a booster station should be provided at Balle town for them to have access to every station in the country for them to become current on government programs, as well as to create more awareness to people in order for them to known the giant strides of present administration towards moving them to greater height. 

As it now the means of transportation in the area is camels, horses and donkeys, very few ride on vehicles due to problems of road network militating against the progress of the area. 

Government should include these roads in her future projects; those are from Kurdula to Awulkiti to Marake; from Gwazange to Makuya to Chilas and from Karfen-Chana to Karani to Kalgo respectively.

A group of people who does not want their names to be publish laud the gestures done to them by the Member Representing Gudu Constituency at Sokoto State House of Assembly, Hon. Sani Alhaji Yakubu who they said had champion their cause through his contributions to youth development as well as building boreholds at Bachaka; Karfen-Sarki; Filasko; Yaka; Gwazange; Nasarawa Dangamji; Taura Mata; Karfen-Chana; Tuskui and Hamdullahi village. 

They implored him to make good efforts to see that, they were among the local government going to benefit from the present government programs. 

Bello Ahmadu Alkammawa writes from Kaduna

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