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Gov Udom’s economic strides & the APC misadventurism


udom emmanuel

Image: Udom Emmanuel

I read a flurry of sound bites by the manufacturers-in-chief of falsehood in Akwa Ibom State, the APC in their recent faux pas, deliberately trying to spew their hate toxins in order to heap confusion and profound mischief in a last ditch to garner support from the gullible members of the public. 

In one of their political misadventures, when they campaigned for their dreamed gubernatorial rerun, they assert that the governor of Akwa Ibom state, Deacon Udom Emmanuel is the cause of the petroleum price hike in the nation. They did not stop there. 

They strutted the cyberspace with another figment of their imagination that Mr. Emmanuel was building another government house in his country home, Awa in Onna Local Government Area. What a puerile political miscalculation? 

When did it become a crime for a governor to build a house in his country home? Some APC hatchet men with waterlogged heads cannot face the harsh reality of fuel fluidity and economic downturn; I mean the worst ever in the history of Nigeria, to rather question why governor Udom is continuing the housing project he started when he was a finance director at Zenith Bank.  

Did I also hear these barefaced liars saying that Udom is not from Onna? And neither is he from Akwa Ibom State? What insanity! What’s the rationale behind all this feeble-minded political posturing? Like I said earlier, the more they spew such hoaxes, the more they shoot themselves on the legs. What happened to President Obama when some republican falsehood brewers spun that he wasn’t born in America? The fact is that they were making Obama more popular and salable to his teaming supporters who turned out en mass and voted him twice to crush the republican candidates, despite the fact that he’s from the black minority. 

To them, the seemingly polarized and chequered status quo of the nation matters not, provided they can contrive any blemish spot and use as a yardstick for impugning the credibility of a seating governor they toil, wrestle day and night to topple. They forget that the more they try to launch their ferocious calumny, the more they lampoon and ridicule themselves. 

We don’t need any clairvoyant to inform us that Akwa Ibom is a state that PDP has been naturalized as it cannot be ‘decitizenized.’ And even the unborn child recognizes the slogan: Power to the people!

One question I keep asking the family of this falsehood peddlers, the APC #LYINGLIARS is, with country drifting to economic precipice and state of the nation becoming comatose, will people in the PDP controlled state easily deem it convenient to change loyalty because someone is constantly shouting fake ‘change’? To put it differently, can a man who is living in a solidly corrugated roofed house chose to go and live in a heavily leaked thatched house because his neighbor is shouting ‘change’?

I was thinking they’ll venture into faulting the fact that the recent revitalization of Peacock Pain industry was a hoax. But they carefully evaded mentioning that because they’ve seen the unprecedented match to transform Akwa Ibom to an industrial hub. They cannot tell us that they have not seen the gargantuan stride of road dualization network in the state even if they suffer from hyper myopia. 

Except they want to tell me they are plagued by a sight disease called chronic glaucoma. One significant disease besetting APC is that it’s difficult to separate their bluster from the reality. They continuously live in their mud of lies and remain befuddled when they see the shining truth emanating from the man whom God is using to bless the state.

The truth of the matter is that just like one writer puts it, “Udom is a fresh wine in a fresh jug” and that’s what is good for business for the people of Akwa Ibom who dearly needed fresh breeze in our dear state. We are fed up with the old breed political warlords who only plunder the treasury, scoop our collective patrimony and starch in foreign lands for the sole benefits of themselves and their immediate families.

Again, Akwa Ibom people are grateful to God Almighty for handing over Deacon Udom Emmanuel to them because when the righteous are on the throne, the people rejoice. 

My dear people, #Dakkada let’s join His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel and build Akwa Ibom State nyin. 

Petes Ikpe is an independent observer and a socio-political analyst of Akwa Ibom origin.

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