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“Gov Uzodinma has marked my house for demolition”: My case

By Nnaemeka Obiaraeri

Dear Sam,

I can recollect vividly my own painful experience in the hand of your master, Rochas Okorocha , whom you served and still serving with aplomb.

I invested millions of naira to acquire a 2000 square meter property land with C of O to develop a recreational and games center .

I spent millions designing, fencing, and gating it for development.

One afternoon, my elder brother, Kelechukwu Obiaraeri called me and was crying over the phone.

After about 5 minutes of sobbing , he calmed down to narrate to me, how a bulldozer was used to destroy my property without any notification by the agents of the Rochas government.

The property was so destroyed that he could not even pick the mangled gates out of it .

The Rochas Okorocha government, that you were a key part of did not give any notice to me or anyone. Many Imolites suffered the same fate under a greedy and rapacious land grabber.

A rapacious and legendary land grabber only matched in ferocity and monstrosity by the land grabbing antics of the terrorist Fula herdsmen .

Rochas Okorocha government did not send any notice to us . He just sent in his agents with bulldozers to destroy a property investment that has valid and subsisting C of O without any warning or notice.

I wailed , complained, wrote epistles on WhatsApp groups and platforms as you did now. I even engaged lawyers to pursue my case.

However, when I discovered the futility of pursuing a court case and wasting additional millions on legal expenses fighting a government that has no regards for rule of law or the court, I licked my wound and moved on to greater things.

I and the rest of Ndi Imo, who suffered under the Rochas atrocious Jack boot are praying and hoping that the Hope Uzodinma government will redress the injustice done to us under those 96 months of cankerworn and locust reign of Anayo Okorocha.

You are lucky and favoured that the 3 R government of Hope Uzodinma even had the good heart and due process mindset to even mark your house and alert you to remove your pins before they demolish the property.

The atrocious and rapacious Rochas government that you served , defended and still defending even in the face of recent revelation of the massive heist he perpetrated against Ndi Imo would not have even given you the luxury of a notice before moving in bulldozers to demolish your house .

That was the level of lawlessness and impunity that pervaded the landscape of Imo state under his monstrous reign.

My senior friend and Oga, Captain Emma Iheanacho , a very illustrious son of Imo state also suffered same ugly fate under Rochas atrocious government . Rochas defied court orders and destroyed his property along Orlu Road.

Like Liar Mohammed, you, Sam Onwuemedo hosted endless atrocious press releases to defend that monstrous government and their antics.

Anyway, Dr. Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri is not a defender of injustice and lawlessness. I will not wish the evil that you and your oga meted on other law abiding and value adding Imolites to happen to you.

Since, the property in question from your own narratives was allocated to you by Rochas Okorocha, I can bet a finger that it was not done within due process ambit. I can also bet a toe that you did not pay the needed land levies and tariff.

Just like everything under Rochas , his family and his cronies, you might have gotten that allocation arbitrarily without adhering to the Owerri development master plan .

However, as one , who has sworn an oath before God and man to stand on the path of Justice no matter whose ox is gored , I will like to use this medium to appeal to the governor of Imo state, Senator Hope Uzodinma to tamper justice with mercy.

Imo state currently have a huge housing deficit of over 557,000 housing units that require over N8.35 trillion / $19.8 billion to fix over the next 20 to 30 years .

It will not serve Ndi Imo better if we embark on property demolition spree exercises.

A lot of Imolites , including honest professionals innocently bought properties at area P in the New Owerri capital territories and other locations in Imo State.

They invested tens of billions of naira to develop those properties without realising that Rochas distorted the Owerri Development master plan in his famed penchant to lawlessness.

It will send wrong signals to investors and other good minded people that the 3R government of Hope is on a vendetta mission which is not true .

Hope is doing the right things by helping to recover the loots and our land stolen by a land grabbing demagogue.

Governor Hope Uzodinma as the sitting governor and under the land use act, has the powers through due processes ( which Rochas never pursued or followed ) to change use of land in Imo State.

I will candidly advise that he should exercise this option of changing the use of land appropriately following the due process as enshrined under the extant laws of the land .

As a deterrent to future demagogues, who may want to abuse their powers, the Hope Uzodinma led government can apply the powers under the law to force the current owners and occupiers of the land and properties that distorted our master plan to pay heavily for the new allocation that may be given to them under the new change of land usage status now .

He should revoke the title to all the land and properties that went against or distorted Owerri Developmemt Masterplan.

Then, follow the due process to execute a change of land usage within the affected locations .

By doing this, these land grabbers are not allowed to get away with their impunity and lawlessness without a heavy price to pay.

They will be forced to pay for the new allocation, at the right levies to be imposed by the government without rendering them homeless.

Government can seal up the properties and drive them out, while enforcing this new and creative steps to protect wealth and assets in Ala Imo .

God bless you, Sam.

I come in peace.

Dr. Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA, MIRA

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