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Gov Willie Obiano Takes Nepotism to Highest Heaven in Anambra


There are 177 towns of Anambra State but Governor Wiilie Obiano [pictured above] has taken most appointments to his home town, Aguleri against other 176 towns. 

Anambra State and Govt of one town:

The Agulerization Policy Continues As Gov Obiano appoints another Aguleri person SA (Innocent Nduanya) while Concurrent Expenditure of the state continue to go up against the Capital Expenditure.

List of Appointees from Aguleri town:

(1) Willie Obiano: Governor of Anambra State – Aguleri Town.

(2) Phil Chinwuba: Commissioner for Works – Aguleri town.

(3) Chinedu Obidigwe: Political Adviser – Aguleri town.

(4) Prof Asike: Chief of Staff – Aguleri Town.

(5) Mr Evaristus Obiano: SA Protocol – Aguleri town.

(6) Obi Aniesedo: SSA Land ¬- Aguleri Town.

(7) Mr CY Obiano: SA Parks and Markets -Aguleri town.

 (8)Prince Chinedu Anakor: SA Dredging – Aguleri town.

(9) Joy Nneli: SA (Special Assistant) Political – Aguleri Town.

(10)Mrs Eva Obiano: SA Domestic – Aguleri Town.

(11) Law Chinwuba: MD ASWAMA -Aguleri town.

(12) Mr Primus Odili: SSA Special Duties – Aguleri Town.

(13) Mr Manafa J: SSA Utilities – Aguleri Town.

(14) Mr Tony Oli: SA Finance and Secretary JAC -Aguleri town.

(15) James Okoye: SSA Procurement – Aguleri Town.

(16) Chukwudi Onyejekwe: SEMA – Aguleri Town.

(17) Amaechi Akora: SA Admin – Aguleri Town.

(18) Coordinator Newmap, (Erosion related management agency) – Aguleri Town.

(19) Mr Idigo: SA Environment – Aguleri town.

(20) Mrs Edith Nnacheta (Okeite Aguleri): Anambra State Liaison Officer Abuja – Aguleri town.

(21) Chief Ugwa: SSA Political – Aguleri town.

 (22) Innocent Nduanya: SA Youth and Student – Aguleri town.

Great Men and Women Created by a Great God must stand up to Save a Great State of Anambra! 

The above names and appointments are not the only ones, but the ones I could reached as at the time of writing this.

You may recall that our governor also took 37 out of 50 slots of allotted to Anambra during the Army recruitment to Aguleri town.

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

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