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Governor Ben Ayade: A Government of Grandiloquence!


I just read on Cross River Watch that Governor Ben Ayade has sent the names of 25 Commissioners to be appointed in Cross River State to the House of Assembly for confirmation! Whoa! Government appointment cannot be jobs for the boys! Surely! 

The House of Assembly had previously approved 35 special advisers to be appointed! It means that government will be spending so much on recurrent expenditure to the detriment of expenditure on capital projects!

You can imagine how much government would be staying on remuneration, allowances and other benefits for this bloated army of officialdom! 

This unimaginable, absurd, ridiculous and scandalous! It is clear that the government is how much government would be staying on remuneration, allowances and other benefits for this bloated army of officialdom!

obono-oblaThis is unimaginable, ridiculous and scandalous not thinking out of the box. Government should rather take steps to create jobs for the teeming young population than creating jobs only for idle potbellied politicians. 

Why would the Governor nominate 25 Commissioners in a State that can hardly pay salary of public servants? It absolutely does not make sense. This is bad!

Okoi Obono-Obla

This is coming at a time when the federal government is planning to cut down on the number of ministries and merge hundreds of departments and commissions because of dwindling oil revenue! President Muhammadu Buhari only nominated 36 nominees for ministerial appointments because the Constitution makes it mandatory that there must be a minister from each of the 36 States.

But there is no similar provision requiring a governor to appoint a commissioner from each local government are a in the State! 

Just hope when the reality of this plainly thoughtless decision of appointment of 25 Commissioners, 35 special advisers and countless assistants begin to manifest, the State government will not run to Abuja cap in hand to beg for another bail out! I weep for my State!

The government of Senator Ben Ayade is certainly living to its reputation as a government of grandiloquence!

Okoi Obono-Obla

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