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Governor El Rufai Demolishes Another Shia Islamic School


A combined team of security and Kaduna State government personnel have demolished the Fudiyya Islamic School at Zaria and the Husainiyya in Saminaka.

The Fudiyya Islamic School in Zaria is a registered educational facility of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria with nursery, primary and secondary sections with hundreds of pupils studying there.

The Husainiyya in Saminaka was under construction when the Wahhabis lured the KDSG to stop the construction. The government used state resources and filed a case before the court and a court order was

issued for the construction to be stopped which the IMN complied with. 

The KDSG never issued any notice before this demolition. They didn’t also show any court order authorizing them to that effect.  They simply came with bulldozers along with heavily armed security personnel and commenced the demolition of the Islamic center.

In the process of demolishing the Fudiyya School in Zaria they shattered the tomb of late Alhaji Hamid Danlami which the bulldozer ran over. The security agents became spectators when miscreants at the scene were busy looting and carting away valuables of the school.

We are aware that the Nasir El-Rufai-led Kaduna state government is in a mission trying to provoke IMN members to justify another killing spree on them having failed in an earlier attempt using security men

dressed as thugs to attack, kill and loot property of IMN members.

We are also aware that the state government is planning to clampdown on IMN members in the state, killing as many as possible in the most cruel means possible, in order to scare people away from the IMN. The

Elrufai government is also wasting scarce state resources in sponsoring some dubious religious clerics to preach hate and enmity in the state, rather than investing in solving the myriads of problems bedevilling the state.

We call on Mr. Nasiru El-Rufai to desist from further suppression of IMN members and the brazen violations of our Rights to worship, associate and not to be discriminated against. Moreso, he has no business deciding what faith people adhere to.

No amount of suppression, destruction of property, or wanton killing can wipe out our faith. Hence all his efforts shall be futile.

It is now a duty upon the public to speak out against the continued murder of IMN members by the Nigerian government or choose to live with the impending repercussion of such uncivilized behavior.

We wish to reiterate our stance never to engage in any form of lawlessness despite all efforts by the state to provoke us in order to find a reason to shed innocent human blood. It is rather unfortunate that the only trademark exhibited by the government of today is extra-judicial killings, mass murder and religious sectarianism, these are detrimental to progress and development of the country. As people

wallow in hardship and poverty their leaders are busy wasting state

resources fighting sectarian course.





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