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Governor Emmanuel’s Unrelenting Drive In Urbanizing Eket


The landmark achievements of Governor Udom Emmanuel since coming into office are numerous and cut across different socio-economic sectors. Perhaps the main reason the Governor has been named ‘Mr. Industrialization’ is the passion with which he has pursued his industrial development agenda. One of this is encapsulated in the Construction and Remodeling of selected roads, strategic Roundabout/Junction and Storm water Drainage in Eket Metropolis awarded on the 12th of August, 2015, expected to be delivered in 33 months time by NigerPet Structures Limited, a notable Civil Engineering Company with over 15 years of work experience in the Country and a major partner in developing Akwa Ibom State.

The first Phase of the Contract include remodeling of Atabong /Idua roads junction; construction and expansion of Atabong Road from the Okpongkpong bridge, and construction of underground and surface stormwater drainages and outfall for Atabong Road, Hospital Road, Asang Street, Idua Road and Etebi Street. 

Phase II of the contract include remodeling of Atabong/Liverpool Junction, Eket/Oron Road by Grace Bill Junction and Marina junction. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of Grace Bill Road from Eket-Oron Road to Marina junction and Eket Oron Road from Grace Bill junction. Constructions of underground and surface water concrete drainages and outfall for drainage discharge. The catchment roads are Atabong Road, Hospital road, Liverpool, Eket Oron road, Park road, Oron road, Etebi Street, Grace Bill road and Marina road.  

Speaking on the ongoing projects when the Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Project Monitoring, Mr. Raphael Awanakak led Team 10 (Ministry of Works) to supervise the ongoing Stormwater Drainage System along Eket Atabong Road, the Construction Manager, Adam Perkins said “Our concern here is to do more on land reclamation and laying of solid concrete waterways to checkmate erosion. This we have successfully achieved in various parts of the city”.

Mr. Rapheal Anwanakak on his part observed “We are impressed with the level of what they have put in place. The job is in progress and they have done tremendous work. The qualities of material they are using are the best and recommended.”  

He added that their routine inspection visit was to ascertain first, the quality and standard of work they are doing, as well as ensure that nothing than the best materials are used as recommended for the project. 

Mr. Anwanakak advised the construction firm to double up their efforts so as the deliver on time.

The giant strides of the Administration over the last one year and some fraction, offer inkling into what is to come in the years ahead. Accordingly, the recorded achievements clearly indicate that with the Divine Mandate, Akwa Ibom people are in for a good time.

Since his assumption of office as Governor last year, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has left no one in doubt of his capacity to take the State to a new level of greatness in line with his Five Point Development Agenda of Industrialization, Job Creation, Poverty Alleviation, Wealth Creation, Skill Development, Economic and Political inclusion as well as Infrastructural Consolidation and Expansion.



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