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Governor Lalong perpetuates corruption in Plateau State


Unfortunately, six months into the administration things have started fallen apart; some of the things the APC supporters were accusing Jonah JANG of perpetuating are visibly seen replicated by Governor Lalong.

Jonah Jang and Lalong

The gap between reality and perception has continue to widen in Plateau State, the North central Nigeria, pointer of the fact that when the present Administration of Rt. Hon Bar. Simon Bako Lalong took over the mantle of leadership on May 29 2015, it was hails as a break through by all and sundry, in view of the perception adjudged to the previous government of Jonah David Jang.

As soon as the Lalong’s government settled down for governance, it emphatically cautions citizens against corruption, insisting that APC, as a party that is anchored on Justice, equity and fairness, would ensure zero tolerance to corruption.

In matching words with actions, Lalong within the few days in office sacked the Seventeenth elected local government Chairmen in the state for alleged want of financial recklessness.

Shortly after he appointed care taker Committees to man the local administrations, he again sacked one of the caretaker committee chairmen for not living up to the yearning of his people.

These and many other actions so far taken by Governor Lalong make many to hold their breath to say that, a man of action is on the throne, just as he tagged his administration a “Rescued” one.

Unfortunately, six months into the administration things have started fallen apart; some of the things the APC supporters were causing Jonah JANG of perpetuating are visibly seen replicated by Governor Lalong.

These; according to analysts is reflected in the lopsidedness in the appointment of key political appointments, culminating to favoritism and nepotism.

Should this be viewed as an analogy of a snake turning round to bite it corner, such actions are currently dominating public.

As if that is not enough, the public currently perceives some level of sharp-practices being transacted between the office of the governor, the office to the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and the accountant General of the state.

An impeachable source says the state government has through this chain, forced on the Local governments to make contribution of N12m each amounting to N204m for the celebration of Christmas.

The amount is therefore said to have been released to the family members of the governor who were the sole contractors for the purchase of rice, rams, cooking oils etc for onward distribution to the local governments for the Christmas packages.

It was gathered that the money said amount would be deducted from the state and local government joint account.

In the same vein, it was gathers that the Governor had during Sallah celebration approved for the release of N40m to aid Muslims in the state have juicy celebration and when it came to the Christian he as well approved the sum of N100m but only N25m was released.

However, the questions on the lips of some citizens are that, who claims the remaining N75m as approved by the governor?

Apart from that, there has been grouse among stake holders over the distribution of the packages. Some organizations were not reached out to. Even to those reached out to, it was more of an insult on the personalities involved rather than making it look like a gift.

For instance, the State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ Plateau state that has the membership of over 300 people, was given 6 bags of rice. One would then wonder if they were to share it, could each member get up to a measure?

No wonder, it is been leveled in some corners that at different fora, the Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle, said Journalists in the state does not deserve any Government’s patronage, claiming they were in the state to do their jobs. In the same vein, the governor, is said to have treated the journalists in the state in that manner because, to him they didn’t do much for his government to merit any recognition.

However, should this abysmal relationship between the government, the governed and the press continues, will Lalong’s government christened, rescued administration achieve its mandate? Only time can tell.

Moses Gbande

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