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Governor Wike And The Imperatives Of Security In Southern Nigeria

The Controversy Over The Demolition Of Hotels In Eleme And Onne By The Rivers State Government

The Controversy Over The Demolition Of Hotels In Eleme And Onne By The Rivers State Government is like trying to cook moi moi without first of all, peeling the beans.

Don’t be in a haste to comment!

I want to tell Nigerians from the South that there is great need to calm down and understand that what is going down in Rivers State is a showdown between those trying to enslave you and those trying to emancipate you.

Be careful to know on whose side you are fighting!

At a time that there was no health emergency, Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State demolished a sitting Senator’s house and it was COMPLETE SILENCE, even from these same Southerners that are all up in arms against Wike. (SMH)

This is a critical time and season when we are battling COVID-19 from one end and forced infiltration of adults without skill sets fit for any economy into the South is also battering us from the other end.

What is their mission for the invasion of the South, and how are they being mobilised?

These individuals and their sponsors are blatantly flouting safety travel measures put in place to save the lives of our people, and I have not heard all of these people that are screaming for Wike’s head raise dust!

Is it that we are not smart or that we have become dull all of a sudden?

Significantly, there is a consistent failure by federal security agencies to stem this deluge of young adults from the COVID-19 ravaged North to the South, even under lockdown of state borders.

Who remembers the story of the GOC commanding the 6th Division of the Nigerian Army in Rivers state accused by Governor Wike of engaging in oil bunkering?

That matter that Wike opened up in public has gone with the wind and no response to the open accusation.

The Rivers State Government has made it clear that so far, that all their measures and actions are not arbitrary but fully prescribed, guided and backed by the ordinary laws of the State, especially Executive Order numbers 1 to 6, which apply equally to all persons throughout the State.

As a Government, Rivers State acted responsibly to enforce their laws, and in the present circumstance, they have done exactly that without fear or favour.

This was how we joined in wielding the BLUNT AXE that hacked out former CJN Onoghen, only to turn around and start screaming about the Supreme Court Magic after the election.

It really puzzles me that we are not thinking deep about the onslaught against Wike.

Why is it that there is a sudden concerted push to tear down the Quarantine Act as is currently going on with the NCDC Bill at the National Assembly?

Use your tongue to count your teeth.

I am worried stiff about the South East with our Governors that are always caught napping.

There shouldn’t be any sleeping on the bicycle!

Finally, to you Southerner that think you know the law and good grammar, I say to you, “make haste slowly as you join in pillorying Wike.”


– Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi)


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