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Governor Wike’s Jungle Creed ~ By Charles Ogbu


Governor Nyesom Wike’s demolition of two hotels in Port Harcourt for allegedly flouting his COVID-19 measures is as Troubling as it is Revealing.

Troubling because the governor is expected to know that it is only the court of law that can establish that indeed, the hotels actually broke the law and then pronounce appropriate punishment for them.

That the governor apparently believes he can sign an Executive order, accuse people of flouting same and still be the one to judge, convict and punish them, all without recourse to the judiciary should worry us all.

The author, Charles Ogbu

The fact that this governor is not just a lawyer but a life bencher who is married to a Judge makes this whole thing even more shameful.

And this is quite revealing because going by the large number of supposedly lettered adults justifying the tyrannical action of the governor, it is safe to assume that reasonable percent of Nigerians has absolutely no clue how a decent society ought to be operated.

This should worry us even more than COVID-19.

Again, the convenient silence of Wike’s Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], a party that prides itself as an alternative to the All Progressives Congress [APC] and has spent most part of the last 5 years lambasting Major General Buhari for his many tyrannical, despotic and illegal actions – is as deafening as it is hypocritical.

A shame, isn’t it?

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