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Great interview With Iyorchia Ayu

Iyorchia Ayu is a former Nigerian Senator who was elected President of the Senate during the Nigerian Third Republic (1992–1993).

He later served in various Ministerial positions in the Cabinet of President Olusegun Obasanjo between 1999 and 2007.

Great interview:

Sun Journalist Question:


How do you react to Obasanjo’s letter and President Buhari’s 2nd term bid?


Former Senate President Iyorchia Ayu Answer:


President Obasanjo was my boss . I served as a minister in three ministries under him. One of them was the Ministry of Environment which was my last ministerial assignment. I have great respect for him . All the leaders I have worked with I hardly come in public to attack them or expose what transpired between me and them. However, let me say that President Obasanjo is the architect of our current Nigeria’s problems. He had a great opportunity to set in motion correct policies including the issue of the green belt in the North, border control . I was also minister of Internal Affairs , I know how much pressure I put on him to improve the border question in Nigeria . President Obasanjo was not interested in these policies. He is somebody who is very opportunistic, a man who wants to always be on the correct side of history. President Obasanjo never planned to exit power, he wanted to continue in office . He talked to me three times to support him but I refused . He comes out and tells lies , he tells people that he is the solution to Nigeria’s problems. But he is the problem of Nigeria. He brought in a successor, virtually imposed on the country a leader he knew very well was terminally ill. A competent man I must say, Umaru Yar’Adua, we were contemporary in the university, we were very close -patriotic,  intelligent and he meant well, but he was terminally ill. Obasanjo imposed him on the country . He brought in a weak leader, who had no political experience whatsoever as a running mate .

He did that believing that when Yar’Adua leaves the scene, he, President Obasanjo would continue to dominate the political and economic landscape by controlling the weak President Jonathan . Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. The failure of Jonathan is the failure of General Obasanjo because succession is important in leadership . If you create a weak succession that cannot even carry on whatever policy you have put in place you have failed . People talk today, speak glowingly of Tinubu in Lagos.

The success of Tinubu is not because he ruled Lagos for two terms but it is the quality of leadership succession he has established in Lagos . The continuity of policies is the thing that makes Tinubu a successful leader in Lagos and perhaps in Nigeria. Obasanjo is not such a successful leader . He is a man who created problems because the failure of Jonathan produced President Buhari who everybody knew had no capacity to run this country . Obasanjo supported him for his own selfish interest . He thought he was his junior in the army and he, Obasanjo will continue to influence policies . Obasanjo has no moral right to tell Nigerians today that Buhari should leave power.

The proposal by Gen. Obasanjo about a coalition is a subversion of democracy . The coalition he is calling for is undemocratic. It is virtually another military dictatorship Nigerians will not accept . We don’t need coalition . We need elections, we need political parties to come out and throw up competent candidates that can run this country . Nigerians should have a right to elect a leader who is capable of running this country. Somebody well trained in both policy and politics, who can run Nigeria is what we need. We don’t need the contraption that Obasanjo is bringing .

He wants to continue to run Nigeria through the backdoor .

Nigerians will not accept that.

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