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Great inventors aren’t driven by money ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


We can only be happy when we do what God has planned for us and endowed us with.

We will never ever be happy trying to do what is not our calling in the world. And it’s the same reason we will never ever be happy even if the entire wealth of the world is ours, and gotten outside our calling.

This is more so because having the entire wealth of the world as ours has never and will never ever be why God brought us here.

We already know that because excess wealth is gotten by being far away from God than being closer to God. That’s exactly why the richest are not actually the happiest and the poorest not the saddest either.

So, let’s find out why we’re truly here as individuals and what really do we’ve to do that will eventually give us our much cherished individual happiness.

It’s only when we do that and stick to those our unique and specific responsibilities that we will eventually become happy and fulfilled.

Even getting married may not be part of one’s calling after all, there’s nothing normal in abnormal people since it’s only abnormal people that do abnormal things that change the world. It’s why most great inventors either never got married, got married very late, or got married and quickly divorced since marriage might be the obstruction they never have to have.

Maybe rather than an economist, I’m supposed to be a herbalist. And maybe I needed the Covid-19 pandemic to truly discover that it’s herbalist that I am supposed to be; God’s endowment in me.

Why do I think so? This is because since the past three months the kind of excitement, passion and happiness I’ve witnessed in my life, I’ve never ever witnessed in my entire life before. Even getting some sleep has suddenly disappeared from my thoughts as there’re no limits to my constant excitement.

Oh, it’s so exciting to go into the bush, uproot plants, get their barks and leaves and get home to experiment on them based on existing literature about their therapeutic properties.

I’ve now so immersed myself in this that no amount of depth seems enough for me. And the more I get into it, the more excited I become to know more.

It’s only a reminder that in most cases who we planned to become is not actually who we’re supposed to be. And there’s nothing more detailing than too much education in the field because with too much education we’re conventionally conditioned not to experiment outside those known conventions and without experimenting outside the laid down conventions man would’ve remained stuck where he is. This means that man wouldn’t have become an inventor or innovator either.

Can we remember that the inventor of electric bulb, that giver of light to the world and who has remained the world’s ever greatest engineer-scientist investor entrepreneur, Thomas (Tom) Edison, never finished kindergarten, let alone getting an elementary school education?

It’s understandable to wonder how could he! He’s able to accomplish what no engineer, scientist, inventor or entrepreneur before him could accomplish because he recognized his calling at that age and having been withdrawn from the kindergarten, he’s able to focus on his energy on his calling and did do without conventional obstacles.

So, having spent his youthful life reading all the engineering and scientific literatures as a teenager, he began conducting rigorous and mind-boggling scientific research and did so with such uncontrollable excitement and passion. Without limits to his dedication and readiness to solve complex problems he got satisfaction that further drove him to digging more and more and learning to know more and more.

Little wonder, Thomas Edison spent his entire life inventing and innovating without getting tired to the extent that he worked until he died at the age of 98 and held the largest number of patents only second to Benjamin Franklin. And it’s the same reason Edison Electric Company became transformed into General Electric (GE), the world’s ever largest electrical company.

What Tom’s life shows is that no inventor is ever great if rather than solving some difficult problems confronting the world, it’s making money the driving force. This is because if it’s money, then, we’re not driven by excitement, passion and satisfaction, but rather by our insatiable greed to accumulate, which also is why seeking immediate personal monetary benefits and rewards from whatever the uncalled do narrows our scopes.

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