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Greed, spiritual forces of those murdered behind Buratai’s ordeal


Greed, spiritual forces of those murdered behind Buratai’s ordeal

The attention of leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) is drawn to unfolding circumstances trailing the criminal enrichment and illicit acquisition and ownership of multi-billion naira foreign house, properties and local industrial farm by the embattled Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai (a.k.a. Buratai De Butcher). 

Our attention is also drawn to latest claims by the embattled COAS, to the effect that “Boko Haram Cyber Terrorists and those jealous of his “successes” against Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast are behind his present ordeal”.  

The claims are totally fallacious and untrue. 

The truth is that the COAS, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai (a.k.a. Buratai De Butcher) is roundly haunted by personal greed and spiritual forces of over 1000 unarmed, defenseless and innocent citizens massacred under his operational and vicarious watch and directives.

We wish to recall that the authorities of Sahara Reporters had on 24th of June 2016, released a damning report, heavily indicting the serving COAS (Tukur Buratai) over his acquisition and ownership of multi-billion naira properties while still serving as Nigeria’s COAS.

The extensively investigated report with pictures, dates, time, locations and other documentary statistics, was released by the authorities of Sahara Reporters after wide consultations with their legal department on the true position of the law and military convention as they concern the legality or otherwise of a serving military officer in Nigeria acquiring and owning choice house properties in overseas as well as industrial farms in choice areas like Nasarawa State-Abuja axis. 

On 28th of June 2016, the authorities of Sahara Reporters updated their report with more documentary details on how and when Lt Gen Tukur Buratai paid for and took over his Dubai house properties. 

The updated report also exposed the COAS industrial and multi-billion naira farm located on Keffi-Abuja Expressway. 

The most striking of it all was that the Dubai properties were purchased through proxies and the COAS chief employer (Federal Government) was never informed officially of same till date, thereby expressly establishing the two fundamental elements of crime: actus reus (guilty act) and mens rea (guilty mind or intent).

Since then, strong attempts have been made and are still being made by the office of the COAS, the Nigerian Army, the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Government to cover up the report and sweep it under the carpet. 

Some “human rights” activists and lawyers have also been hired, compromised and paid to organize press conferences and feature in arranged television and radio programs for the purpose of watering down the report and sweeping it under the carpet. 

Some of them have also been hired to write rebuttal for government hired public relations consultants. 

One of such rebuttals is presently in circulation under “PRNigeria”, in which the COAS was said to have been investigated and cleared by the Federal Government within 24 hours. 

The latest cover up statement circulated by the referenced, claimed that the COAS breaches no law because “he acquired the Dubai properties as a shareholder” and that “he is entitled to own a farm as a serving army officer, which he did since he was a major”.

The COAS had earlier authorized the Nigerian Army to issue a statement where he claimed that “he bought his Dubai properties through his personal savings”. 

The Ministry of Defense on its part said “the COAS is not criminally and morally culpable because he included the Dubai properties in his Asset Declaration Forms and had declared same more than one to the Army and the Code of Conduct”. 

The COAS also added more salt to the wound by attempting to whip up “Boko Haram sentiments” as the reason for his present ordeal. 

He had specifically claimed that his ordeal came as a result of his “successes against Boko Haram terrorism in the Northeast” and that “he is under serious attacks by Boko Haram cyber terrorists” (vivid reference to the authorities of Sahara Reporters and other critical online and social media).  

As laughable, contradictory and empty as the above defenses are, we are not surprised a bit over same.  

The above defenses, to say the least, are fallacious, vexatious, concocted, contradictory, watery, un-legalistic, un-argumentative, immoral, shameless, irresponsible, rotten, unscientific, unverifiable and untenable. 

The truth is that the COAS is being haunted by souls and blood of over 1000 innocent citizens he vicariously and operationally massacred, in conspiracy with his Commander-in-Chief and Nigeria’s most violent civil president as well as the third butcher-in-chief, retired IGP Solomon Arase. 

By the combined butchery efforts and roles of the trio and their sub-commanders, over 1000 unarmed, nonviolent, defenseless and innocent citizens, including over 700 Shiite Muslim faithful and over 200 Pro Biafra agitators, were massacred with reckless abandon under a period of nine months. 

The COAS attracted the wrath of spiritual avengers, rioting and revolting from the cosmic world when he literally abandoned the code of conduct and rules of engagement guiding modern act of soldiering and chose to become a butcher and murderer as well as serial ethnic hater and cleanser in uniform.


Under his operational and vicarious directives, unarmed and defenseless citizens were massacred in broad day light and their corpses abducted and unceremoniously buried in secret graves. 

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