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Group “Anonymous” writes Pantami, makes shocking expositions

The group, which operates under the codename “Anonymous”, has written an open letter to the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami, making shocking expositions.

“Anonymous” made the revelations in a letter, copy of which it made available to ElombahNews.

This medium, however, cannot independently verify all the claims which are hereby reproduced for the perusal and evaluation of our readers.

Read the full text:

Good day Nigeria

Part 1

We bring forth greetings from the Den of the Anonymous to you MR Pantami…..

We had waited for you to give replies or send mails to the Anonymous after we exposed your clips few days ago via the mainstream, you however ignored, you had as of yesterday claimed those clips where doctored and manipulated, well well well, You shall know what manipulation is all about after we are done with you and your close allies MR Mustafa, MR Gumi, MR Sabiu Yusuf, MR Baba Lawal Babachir, and above all is Mr Ismailia Funtua(said to be dead but alive)

May we let Nigerians know, MR Ismailia Funtua who was said to have died 20 July 2020 is very much alive and is your president, this is the man who directs the affairs of the nation. The Anonymous had wanted to withhold this information, however, after your deaf ears to our numerous warnings, it is time to bring down these Bastards who’s taken the people for a ride way too long.

Nigerians may have never heard the name Funtua, this is an undercover secret kept for long, far longer than any thinks. Today, we shall expose all!!!

MR Funtua would need to explain to Nigerians why the seat of the Vice President is irrelevant, MR Funtua has to explain to Nigerians what plans he’s got for Oct 1 2022, you must explain to Nigerians why you have sent Fulani spies all over in the guise of herdsmen keeping cattle, You would have to explain to Nigerians why the herders now have immunity and is given power to operate anywhere including taking people’s properties (south eastern and south southern). What agenda you have for the south western and your plan to eliminate MR Igboho Sunday, your planed assassination of a man called Nnamdi Kanu, whom you have contacted assassins from Slovakia with plans to eliminate.

MR Funtua Must explain to Nigerians who Pantami is and why a terrorist would be the second in command of the nation (disguised as a minister).

Exposition Part 2

Hello again MR Pantami, the undercover second in command Federal Republic of Nigeria(Minister of Communication Disguised), we bring you greetings.

May we first wish you good luck for your proposed 3rd term in office.

MR Pantami, we are well aware of your instructions to kill about 28 soldiers on duty few days ago at a place called Mainok, we are aware this act was not accidental as claimed and we are fully aware the four soldiers whom your target was, amongst the other south East and south western soldiers who were duly selected for that operation. We are aware of your instructions to immediately kill the soldier who had released a footage unveiling the incident(picture attached) . We are also aware you had given instructions to kill all survivors of this incident in an attempt to sweep all under the carpet. We are well aware of your retirement/sacking/resignation of the previous chief of staffs after We had threatened to expose them. What next? Would you now sack/retire/resign yourself ??? We wait for your answers…..

But MR Pantami, we wish to let you know, the battle line is drawn today. You have caused so much pain to the people of Nigeria in Diaspora, you’ve got even more plans to cause more pains and havoc, we are aware of your instructions to eliminate all security persons set out to protect the Southern Eastern part of the country (ongoing) and your plans to install the Herders eventually, (this plan was previously exposed few weeks ago). MR Pantami, Anonymous do not act without warnings, the Anonymous had given you loads of warnings, loads of messages which you ignored. We take no blame for whatever happens after now!

Part 3 __


Current time is 9:00am here In Hawaii…

Exposition Part 3___

Hello Mr Pantami, again we bring you greetings from the Anonymous Den.

We first wish to applaud you for your inteligience and your ability to initiate the NIN into the system. You are indeed a master planner.

The NIN which has so far been used to eliminate a lot of people in that country, Most recently a man called Ikonsu, who was tracked (more details about this on Part 4)and killed with his NIN registered and linked with name Nwaokike Kayinayo Andy (Ikonsu), before we proceed, may we let you know, the Anonymous has all the NIN data in our palms.

The NIN is a technology which’s developed to leak…

I. Your accurate location regardless VPN or any location disguise device and application

ii. NIN synchronizes your SMS, Emails and WhatsApp messages, Phone calls, WhatsApp calls, etc. This means, all data inflow is automatically duplicated and stored with the Fed Data base (Pantami and Co).

iii. With the terrorist NIN technology, you’ve got absolutely no privacy, however this would be made mandatory as you won’t be able to do the following without the NIN:

• Getting National Passport
• Driver’s License
• Registration for public examinations
• Bank Accounts
• Pension Accounts etc.

This means, you shall be handicapped and you’ll have no option but to get the NIN bullshit!

The NIN had been programmed by Pantami to use in taking down the people he sees as enemies of Islam, (common Neutralists, Buddhists, Christians and anything that has no total connection with Islam). This still connects with the Oct1 2022 take over agenda. The only safe platform remains the Signal chat. This alone remains the only App secured enough for communication amidst the NIN saga.

However, the NIN had made it easier for the Anonymous to get access to confidential informations hence this many leaks recently.

The truth is always straight, this is why, going through all previous exposition articles by Anonymous connected with Nigeria, it’s all related directly or indirectly with the agenda, (Islamization of Nigeria and Binding Nigeria as One) backdate 2019.

Exposition Part 4


Exposition Part 5

Hello Nigeria,

I bring you greetings from Hawaii. Good Morning, current time here is 6:30am.

A Slovak man with name Vaclav Sabol Has been contacted to eliminate a popular man with name Nwannekaenyi Nnamdi Okwudili Kanu who we understand is a freedom fighter from Nigeria. We are unaware why a Slovak was contacted for this job, we understand MR Kalu is No1 on the black list of the Nigerian evil system, he has been long declared shoot at sight if seen, We are not certain about the location of the said man, but a sum of $250,000 has been paid to MR Vaclav for this mission with an extra $200,000 to be paid as balance after execution of mission.

This man Mr. Kalu Nammdi must be care of his movement. MR Vaclav is a top Slovak assassin who’s done a lot of dirty jobs for top drug kingpins and political monsters.

It is believed, the existence of Kalu Nammdi would prevent or delay the actualization of one Nigeria joined in one religion 2022 (Oct1). A deadline had been set at 25th September 2021, this means, MR Nwannekaenyi Nnamdi Okwudili Kanu must be eliminated by or before 25th September 2021. (Take note of the word MUST)

On the other Side, the man with name MR Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo is still a prime target and must be killed by all means, just like MR Kanu, MR Adeniyi is also seen as a major barrier in the actuality of the Agenda. The emergence of Odudawa is a major headache for Pantami and the rest master planners.

The Agenda remains the same! Nothing is changed.

Exposition Part 5

Monday 3/5/20, 22:00GMT

Current time here in Hawaii is 12:00

i. Terrorism in Nigeria

The citizens of this country must be aware, the country is being ruled and run by the terrorists, some Governors (past and present) in the country are top members and a governor (seating Governor) is the head of this dreaded group called Boku Haram.

(A} Boku Haram is Bandit/Herdsmen, Bandit/Herdsmen is Boko Haram! Same people, same mission (Islamization by force). A name has been used to replace the dreaded terrorists, this was done after the United Nation declared them (Boko Haram) terrorists. (Boko Haram had of recent been renamed Miyetti Allah. This means, (Boko Haram, Bandits, Miyetti Allah, all are ONE!

Like exposed before now, Boko Haram is headed by a seating leader Mr. Rufai El, we had exposed this before now, however, we found it important to reemphasize this!

This seating Governor must and should have to either be arrested or more people would die in that country Nigeria. We had said in the past, if not tackled immediately, this would be way difficult than it seem.

(B} Herdsmen: The herdsmen and Bandit as they’ve been branded had until today not been proclaimed terrorists by the Nigerian government , this only further proves the facts stated above, during the lockdown, we alerted Nigerians about the inflow of firearms into the country and that being distributed to the terrorists and supposed bandits, there was massive inflow of sophisticated firearms including grenades which would be used ahead of 2022, most of these are kept in way-houses, some are buried and many distributed amongst these terrorists/Bandits.

The citizens must be aware, the Federal Government is of terrorists, headed by Funtua, Pantami, Yusuf, Babachair and would stop at nothing in making sure the agenda is archived. Nigerians must be aware of a man with name Gumi Sheikh who is the third in command Boku Terrorists, We shall make more exposition about Gumi in the next Exposition.

ii. NIN Tricks and its importance ahead of 2022.

We had earlier exposed the brain behind the NIN, regardless, we deem it necessary to touch this again. Nigerians must be aware of the threat poised by engaging with the NIN program.

By October 1, 2022, the internet in Nigeria would be shut down ahead of the mass National Islamization, as exposed earlier, this is a plan that’s been in existence from 2013, with the NIN program, it would be easy to disconnect all mobile users from the internet or regulate the internet amidst the future (2022) ongoing killings, this means, the outside would not be aware of such happenings, the foreign bodies would be on the dark and nothing from Nigeria Would be communicated out.

With NIN, your exact location would be known, all calls monitored, text, social media activities and messages all monitored, this means, if you make any negative comments about the administration, you shall be tracked down and eliminated within hours of your comment. It doesn’t matter if you made that comment with a fake account or your real account, what only matters is accessing the internet with an NIN registered SIM. Your location can not be compromised, regardless what manner of VPN you may wish to use.

iii. Samuel Ortom!

A man with name Samuel Ortom must be protected as there’s existing plans to eliminate the aforementioned. We understand Mr Samuel is a seating Governor in Nigeria, we also understand MR Samuel opposed strongly to the agenda hence the plan for his assassination. This must be shared until it gets to him, a man (Mobile Police) has been planted to shut him, this would be done in the midst of a staged attack which would be unleashed on the Governor within the next few weeks. It would be reported the Governor was killed amidst exchange of fire between the security outfit and the bandits (lies).

iv. Bomb Plant

There would be a Bomb plant at a market in Imo state, a place called Orlu Main market, we are not definite about the time of which this Bomb would be planted, however, we warn residents and market users to be at alert and on check, you must monitor movements and be highly security cautious. This bomb would be planted and people would be killed.

V. Food Poisoning

Tons and Tons of food and beverages, Grains and fruits has been poisoned and sent to many parts of the country, specifically the southern south, southern west and southern east, within the next few days, there shall be sudden deaths of people from these regions. People from these regions must be mindful what they buy from the market, open places and above all what they take in (eat). The

The Nigerian Masses must be aware, Anonymous won’t come to your country with Guns and Armored thanks to fight these Monster, we wish we could, but you must resist the upcoming Oct1 2022 crisis by acting now! The more you wait, the closer you get to the impending quagmire. Anonymous would continue to inform you on developments, plans and as well combat as much as we could and you must remember

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget

Do not expect Us, we are here.

Exposition 6……


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