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Group decries deteriorating situation of Anambra State


A group, the Independent Leaders Forum (ILF) has decried the deteriorating situation of Anambra State under the Governor Willie Obiano-led government.

ILF made the lamentation in a communique after its meeting held at Awka, Anambra State on Thursday, 10th September, 2020, and made available to ElombahNews today.

The communique reads:

In preparation towards providing a better and more viable good-governance to Ndi-Anambra through a PDP government in 2021, especially considering the leadership failure, infrastructural decay and rising debt profile of the state, while the present APGA-led administration remain less concerned of the present predicament of Ndi-Anambra , especially the youths who form the mainframe of the every socio-political and economic structure of the state and nation, it is thus important that we issue the following statements in order to ensure that Anambra state does not lose what remains of its brightness as the Light of the Nation.

We therefore resolve as follows:

1) That the recent gifting of expensive comfort SUV jeeps by the present administration of Governor Obiano led APGA government to traditional rulers in Anambra state, thereby incurring huge sum of taxpayers’ money amidst the present economic downturn is only but a sojourn of unnecessary frivolities and jamborees borne out of political and personal sentiment that is totally against the fair demands of good governance . A lot remain undone while the resources of the state are splashed away wastefully for mere ego trip and competition with a perceived political foe.

2) That it is now necessary that Ndi-Anambra come together at this salient time to declare a state of emergency on the deplorable state of roads in Anambra state, as almost all roads within the state have become non-motorable and littered with gullies that not only cause gruesome traffic congestion but have contributed to several road accidents recorded daily in almost every corner of the state.

3) That the deliberate and continued refusal of the APGA led state government not to conduct credible Local Government elections and the illegal and continued appointment of transition Chairmen for the 21 Local Government Councils in the state is a huge fraud and affront on the laws establishing and recognizing local governments as a tier of government in the Nigerian constitution . Consequently, local government funds and allocations are hijacked and not accounted for in the past five years and counting. This is a huge fraud against the state and her citizens and must cease forthwith.

Local government elections must be conducted and officials duly elected who shall be held accountable and legitimately supervise over the local government affairs as provided by the extant laws.

4) That the rate of multiple taxation and extortion of businesses and individuals under the guise of State revenues generation by agents of the state government, especially as those revenues are only collected to fund Governor Obiano’s lavish excesses without any impact on the already drained taxpayers in the state is totally unacceptable as it is an irresponsible and wicked attempt to further impoverish Anambarians and businesses resident in the state, this is not minding the state’s huge loss of revenues to neighboring states like Delta and Enugu States where Anambarians now prefer to get their tax clearance documents at a better and understandable rate.

5) ILF and the entire Anambra workforce frowns at the much publicized deceit and misinformation by the state government about payment of the new minimum wage which is clearly a farce and a show only for the media . It is not only worrisome that Anambra Civil Servants who are amongst the least paid in the federation are being lied to by this government that they are in payment parity with their contemporaries in other states whereas such information is a fabricated fallacy. We therefore indulge the concerns of Labour and Trade Unions to weigh in on this situation as the implication of the rising inflation may leave these workers who are sacrificing their years and energy with near nothing at the end of these years of service.

6) It is disheartening and to the utter dismay of Ndi-Anambra that the obiano led administration with barely 18 months to the expiration of its tenure, rather than intensify efforts to reclaim its lost popularity through embarking on people affirmative programmes and projects, has rather resorted to claiming projects attracted by PDP Senators and House of Representatives members through a deliberate media misinformation spree. We condemn in totality the state government’s panic and hastened attempt using its media “hype men” to lay false claims on third party accomplishments all in its bid to appear “working” when its actually hibernated and not working at all.


Obinna OCN Okafor

Comrade Patrick Afubera
Deputy President

Barr. Frank Molokwu (Jnr.)

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