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Group, educationist task Ndigbo on paradigm shift in two key ways of life

By Toby Chuks


A pro-Igbo group, Igboezue International Association of Nigeria and in Diaspora and a renowned educationist in Onitsha, Chairman Mayrays Group of Schools, Prince Chinedu Nsofor have tasked Ndigbo to consider a paradigm shift in the ways of life.

Prince Nsofor urged Ndigbo to pay particular attention in the way they do business, pointing out that the keys to problems facing Ndigbo are poor forms of business.

The duo made the call when Prince Nsofor was inducted into the Elders Council of Igboezue at a ceremony held in Onitsha during which Nsofor also celebrated his 62 years birthday.

President of Igboezue, Elder Pius Uchenna Okoye, alias Oyi of Oyi, observed with dismay that the major bane of Ndigbo is undue attachment to money.

He noted that Igbo politicians of late always go after money for personal use instead of providing service to the people whenever they have opportunities to occupy juicy political positions in Nigeria.

The Igboezue President recalled that since the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, Ndigbo have severally had the opportunities to occupy juicy positions.

The have, however, failed to make positive impact in Igboland in the area of attracting infrastructural development back home like people of other geopolitical zones do.

This, according to him, is owing to the fact that they were more interested in raking money for personal interest than providing development service to the people

He added: “The problem of Ndigbo is that we like money too much. Money is good and important no doubt about that, but as Ndigbo we are so much interested in money that we place it above other considerations.

“During the era of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan to be specific Ndigbo had very good opportunities to attract development project to Igboland with the positions they occupied but we end up achieving nothing from such opportunities.”

Elder Okoye lamented that the legacies of Igbo leaders in the early days of Nigeria put the interest of the people ahead of personal interests such as Zik, MI Okpala, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Akanu Ibaim, Alex Ekwueme and KO Mbadiwe, among others.

These have, however,  been eroded by love of money, he said.

He stressed that Ndigbo today have to retrace their steps to rekindle the spirit of the past leaders like Zik among others to be able to address the challenges facing Ndigbo.

He said that Igboezue is prepared to wage fight against money politics, mostly vote buying in Anambra State, ahead of the 2021 governorship election and across Igboland.

This, he said, is to ensure that leadership is free from political merchants who are more interested in using political office to rake money instead of providing development service to the people.

He added that it is time for Ndigbo to consign money to its appropriate place and face the challenges of moving Igboland where it supposed to be.

He described Prince Nsofor as a man of integrity and strong track records of pro Igbo with high consciousness of the well-being of Ndigbo, hence the decision of Igboezue to induct him into the Igboezue Elders Council.

He noted that it takes a high degree of integrity to obtain honor from Igboezue.

“Igboezue honor is not for fraudulent money bags, no, it is for men of integrity who have made positive contributions for Ndigbo and are still ready to carry on” he added

In his words, Prince Nsofor made case for Ndigbo to embrace a new form of business which he called “Perpetuity Mega Public Liability Company (PMP)” and so doing shift from me and son’s business.

He lamented with nostalgia that Ndigbo have lost mega business establishments owing to the fact that most business establishments owned by Ndigbo is under the sole control of one person as the owner without plan for the survival of business beyond the owner.

Prince Nsofor said that it is wrong and unacceptable for huge businesses with strong economic value including job opportunities to die following the death of owners at a time when the entire world is thriving with corporate business of PMP.

According to him, he started to seek solutions on the problem of Ndigbo not being able to sustain huge business establishments after the death of direct owners about 32 years ago and he has found it.

He explained: “32 years ago after doing my Masters Degree, I considered it right enough to come home and find Solution to me and my son’s business and how to sustain huge business firms after the death of the owner and thank God I have succeeded to discover the solution via PMP.

“Mayrays Group of Schools which include nursery, primary and secondary schools is an example of PMP.

“Mayrays is owned by many people who contributed money to buy land and build the school. If I die Mayrays will continue to exist, that is what we want Ndigbo to adapt”

Nsofor, a naturalist and President of a pro-nature group called Naturecracy Association International said that arrangements are on the pipeline to establish a Polytechnic under PMP.

He added that what it needed to move Igboland into real Japan of Africa is to establish about 150 large PMP business establishments that cut across education at all levels, farmlands and industries for manufacturing and productivity.

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