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Group lambaste some Igbos that deny their Igboness in Rivers and Delta States

The Igbo Peoples Congress, IPC has called on Igbos located in the South South and North central parts of Nigeria to assert their Igboness and stop living on borrowed cloth.

The Secretary General of the group Chidi Obisike wondered why an Igbo in Rivers or Delta will claim to come from Benin or Igala when there is no historical, genealogical and cultural symmetry with those place.
He also wondered why the Igbos in some part of Rivers state will still retain the post war basterdization of their names more than fifty years after the war.

Why Rumuola, why Rumuokurushi, Why Rumumasi, why Oyigbo, why Rumuokoro. Where is it in Ikwerre lexicograpy, Obisike queried calling on Ikwerre elders to do something urgently now and assert their true identity before their present and future generations become cultural misnomers.

He noted that Igbos are not even begging anybody to be Igbo but it would be proper to recover a lost sheep for the sake of posterity.
he called on IGBOS in the South South and North central to assert themselves and refuse to be swallowed by any body or group. He also calling them to join and particiapte in Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other Igbo activities. Who are they afraid of and for what? What of Igbo Akiri Igbos in Edo state. They must not allow anybody to intimidate them Obisike noted.

Let Ikwerres reverse back to their Igbo names and stop this strange names they answer. The civil war is over and we are no longer in the trenches. They should not allow their children to get lost forever. The Yorubas and even Hausas in all parts of Nigeria assert their identify wherever they live or sojourn. I dont want to hear or see Rumu this or Rumu that, Obisike said.

In his reaction, the spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo world wide Chuks Ibegbu noted that Ohanaeze still have a place for all Igbos in the South South and Middle Belt and that was why it accords them all positions Igbos in the South East are also accorded. For instance a former President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Amb Raph Uwechue is from Anioma, as well as a former Secretary General General Achuzia. Also a Secretary General of the body came from Rivers state and many other positions. If tomorrow Igbos in the middle belt also identify with us we shall allot them positions, Ibegbu noted.

He hope the Igbos in the South South and middle belt that deny their Igboness or corrupt their names and titles would rethink before they finally lose their natural identity forever. After all even if they deny whom they are Nigerians see them for whom they are and would always treat them same way. Let them have an immediate retreat and revert to their real identity so that they will be respected in the polity, Ibegbu noted.

Ibegbu still warned against OSU institution in Igbo land stating that anybody caught calling another Igbo Osu will be ostracised in Igbo land. He cautioned against the Water Resources bill and lamented the level of looting of our common wealth by Nigeria politicians.

On Emene killings, Ibegbu warned the security agents in Nigeria to stop extrajudicial killings and called for severe punishment for the culprits that were involved in the killings. He noted that the group has not forgotten the Ezu river killings in Anambra, the killings in Aba, Onitsha, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, Asaba and other places by misguided and overzealous security agents. He said there will be serious consequences for such killings if doesnt stop.

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