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Group mobilizes Christians on fight against corruption


The Priest Peace and Justice Initiative (PPJ) the social arm of the Palace of Priest Assembly (PPA) is holding a consolidation meeting on the mobilization of Christians against corruption. It will hold on Thursday November 5, 2020 in Abuja. 

In a statement issued by the Programme Manager, Tive Denedo, he said the objectives of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for as many as possible active Church leaders and workers who have been engaged in the three years of the Shun corruption project to demonstrate the tangible and intangible changes that the project has had on them.

According to Denedo, the participants at the meeting are expected to share their experience on the impact of the shun corruption project on their thoughts, norms, behaviours and attitudes in the area of Christians participation politics, Christianity and Accountability, Christianity and the fight against corruption and Christianity and the fight for social justice.

Denedo said that with Church leaders and workers that have been trained in sixteen states and the Federal Capital Territory across Nigeria, there are evidence of changes in the lives of many men and women who have been touched in one way or the other in the work of Christianity and the fight against corruption.

“This meeting is driven by the knowledge that Palace of Priests Assembly/Priests Peace and Justice Initiative (PPA/PPJ) has touched some Christians workers and leaders with the shun corruption message including changing perspectives on how many of them view corruption, accountability, social justice and the participation of Christians in politics. There is even a better understanding of how many Church leaders and workers view corruption from within the Church and the secular space. He said.

He explained that the meeting will enable participants not only share their experiences but will also amplify the changes that have occurred in their lives because of their peculiar understandings in the course of the shun corruption project and to take ownership of the work that they have done and will continue to do in the future in their different states.

Denedo also said this meeting will serve as the building blocks of the nationwide movement of Nigerian Christian leaders and workers who are standing against, speaking against, and shunning corruption across the country. Part of the importance of this meeting is the affirmation of the work that Christian leaders and workers are engaging in despite the consequences of the fight against corruption.

“There is so much to harvest from this meeting of Christian Church leaders and workers sharing their success stories. It will assist in boosting the confidence of not just this group of elderly campaigners for the shun corruption project but it will serve as an enabler for the younger generation of Christians who can find them as models to look up to in the fight against corruption”.

He said that the consolidation meeting aligns with the PPJ vision of a world of prosperity and social justice and a mission to act as catalysts to empower citizens who can reign as priests and work for peace and social justice because it is only when Christian leaders and works share positive stories that they can empower others and support the actualization of the lofty ideas that can help them abhor corruption and promote the values of leadership, empowerment, royalty, integrity and discipleship.

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