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Group Writes Buhari, Alleges Colossal Fraud In NDDC

A group, the Anti-Corruption and Transparency International, has accused the Executive Director Projects of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and Olorogun O’tega Emerhor of “colossal fraud, abuse of office and corrupt enrichment”.

Dr. Peremobowei Seiyaboh, on behalf of the group declared this in a letter addressed to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

The letter, titled “Acts of colossal fraud, abuse of office and corrupt enrichment perpetuated by Engr Samuel Adjogbe (Executive Director Projects, NDDC) and Olorogun O’tega Emerhor; a call for redress”, reads:

Your Excellency sir,

With utmost concern and profound sensitivity to your fight against corruption in the country, we wish to bring to your notice the infamous conducts of certain individuals who pretentiously claim to be disciples of your anti-corruption drive and policy of your administration.

There is no doubt Your Excellency that your administration is known for anti-corruption crusade and to succeed in this fight in routing out corruption from our society, requires all hands to be on deck. It is on this note that we decided to unveil certain corrupt practices of some individuals who happens to be government functionaries for your prompt response and decisive action.

Your Excellency, I must say that nepotism and favoritism has been the hydra headed monster of corruption in this country, that has led to collapse of government and governmental institutions over the years as members of the society now see government as failed institution. Be that as it may, we acknowledge the crucial and onerous efforts of Your Excellency in making sure that government as an institution retrieves ill-gotten wealth and regains its lost glory in Nigeria.

There’s no doubt Your Excellency that the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was specifically set up for the enhancement of development in the Niger Delta region of the country. It is by virtue of the above mentioned fact that the Federal Government releases billions of naira to the commission on a yearly basis for the regional development.

Permit me to say here that in spite of this humongous released by your administration, the efforts of the government is yet to be felt by majority of the Niger Delta people as numerous efforts has been and is still been made to thwart and frustrated your government by corrupt government officials and some of their collaborators. I must say here that some individuals have hijacked the process for the sole purpose of self-aggrandizement as contracts are now being awarded based on nepotism and favoritism as against merit and track records thereby promoting corruption.

The above scenario is been presently perpetrated by Engr Samuel Adjogbe, Executive Director Projects (EDP) NDDC and Olorogun O’tega Emerhor. Using his position as the executive director of projects, Engr. Sam Adjogbe has continuously and ceaselessly awarded numerous contracts as a patronage to Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, who is his political godfather and benefactor and thereby short changing pre-qualified contractors who genuinely bid and won contracts.

Your Excellency, evidence available at our possession, disclose that the water hyacinth contracts worth of over #500,000,000 (Five hundred million) naira meant for Delta State All Progressives Congress (APC) members, were all fraudulently re awarded to Olorogun O’tega’s Company by Engr Samuel Adjogbe the EDP after letters of award and certificates has been issued to pre-qualified contractors who genuinely bid and won the water hyacinth contracts. The duo of Engr. Samuel Adjogbe and Olorogun O’tega Emerhor connived to award the various water hyacinth contract slots to their relatives, cronies and surrogates companies such as:

  1. Duke Dukakiss International Nigeria limited owned by Duke Okpohworho, whose elder brother Barr. Fred Okpohworho is a close confidante of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor. He was awarded 5 slots.
  2. Clago Nigeria limited, owned by Mr. John Onojeharho, a co-in law to Olorogun O’tega Emerhor awarded 5 slots.
  3. Jopat Nigeria limited owned by Mr. Joel Olorife, a cousin of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, awarded 5 slots.
  4. Little Heroes Limited owned by Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and his wife Chief Mrs. Rita Emerhor, awarded 5 slots.
  5. 21st Consulting Limited owned by Onyemaechi Ahaeze, a close friend of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, awarded 5 slots.
  6. Peculiar Ultimate Concerns Limited owned by Abel Adeleke, another associate of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, awarded 5 slots.
  7. Hobson and Lawson Limited owned by Onyeka Ahaeze, another close associate of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, awarded 5 slots.

This unholy corrupt practices and activities of these 2 individuals in most cases, has led to the use of substandard materials in the execution of some of the projects and most of them are even abandoned after huge kickbacks were collected. I beg to say that, the above scenario is the height of corruption and requires urgent attention in order to deter others who sees it as a way of life.

I must also state here that the proceeds of the said criminal and corrupt practices was invested by Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and Samuel Adjogbe respectively being crime partners in choice properties in Guzampe Abuja, Event Center owned by O’tega Emerhor in Lagos, a mansion that was built and completed within three (3) months at Evwreni hometown by Engr. Samuel Adjogbe and the mansion built by Olorogun O’tega Emerhor also in Evwreni to mention but a few. That recently, EDP Engr. Samuel Adjogbe has not only carried out renovation works at his hotel, but also built a new wing of his hotel extension at Ughelli, Delta State with proceeds of kickbacks from NDDC contracts awarded to companies linked to him.

Further, I want to say that the road leading to the Eclat hotel Ughelli, owned by the EDP, has been tarred by NDDC in a contract executed by a company he also has stake.

In the same brazen act of fruad, the premises and the road leading to the mansion of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor was also tarred by NDDC under the guise that they are roads in Ughelli town that needed urgent attention.

Flowing from the above, I hereby state that the funds of NDDC is now been used as their personal property and if urgent steps are not taken to redress this ugly trend, the funds of the NDDC will be used for individual’s benefit as against the benefits of the entire Niger Delta people.

It is in the light of the above premises, that I call on Your Excellency to use your distinguish office as the chief executive officer of the entire Nigeria nation to direct all concern security agencies to as a matter of urgency, commence the immediate investigation of the nefarious corrupt activities of Engr. Samuel E. Adjogbe and Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and to prosecute the above named persons for malpractices and corrupt conducts as corruption has been the bane of our society.

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