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Gulak’s murder: They have fingered IPOB/ESN again, Ohanaeze Youths lament

Orders armed gangs to vacate Igboland or meet their waterloo


Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), the apex youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, have faulted the Nigerian police on their quick and poor investigation over the death of Dr. Ahmed Gulak who was shot dead over the weekend in Owerri.

OYC, while speaking through the National President, Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka in Owerri on Tuesday 1st June, noted that the Police have come again with their blackmail against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) all in an attempt to give a dog a bad name just to hang it.

He noted that the death of Dr. Ahmed Gulak in Imo State was a well-calculated script aimed to discredit Sen. Hope Uzodinma’s administration.

“We, therefore, urge him to deploy every conventional and unconventional means to expose the perpetrators of this evil and make them to face the law,” he said.

“It’s important to recall,” noted Comrade Igboayaka, “that the immediate past Inspector General of Police within 24hrs of Owerri jailbreak categorically stated that IPOB/ESN are responsible for the crime, yet after twisting the crime to unknown men, till today, the perpetrators of this crime have not been arrested.

“Unfortunately, on Tuesday 25th May unknown gunmen attacked Orji police station in Owerri without being apprehended.

“During Owerri jailbreak, the so-called unknown gunmen engage in 4hrs operation at the Correctional center and Imo State Police Headquarters without being repelled by the police and army, the perpetrators went home freely.

“But today, within a twinkling of an eye, after the killing of Dr. Ahmed Gulak, they have allegedly traced it to IPOB/ESN.

“Obviously, there is serious security sabotage in the Southeast. A lot of conspiracy is going on against Ndigbo. Within two months of violent attacks in various police stations in the East, over 20 police stations burnt down with the death of over 45 security agents, yet none of these so-called unknown gunmen has been caught or killed at crime scene.

“Those committing this crime have not been paraded. This triggers our suspicion over what has befall on us in Southeast since over two months.

“We urge the Nigerian police to produce the gang that broke the Owerri correctional center. We have strong feelings that they are the same gang killing our policemen and army officers who are mostly Igbos and burning down police stations in the Southeast,” Igboayaka stated.

Respecting the ESN camp “found” in Orlu, he relates:

“We are aware when the Nigeria security agents allegedly found an ESN camp in Orlu, they launched attack with military jet fighters, yet with 4hrs operation of the so-called unknown gunmen in Owerri Correctional center and Owerri Police headquarters, no jet fighter was sent to engage the perpetrators.

“In all the burning of police stations in the Old Eastern Nigeria, no jet fighter was sent to combat the criminals. This fuels our fears that the Nigeria government knows more than us about the mysterious unknown gunmen ravaging the whole Southeast and South-South Nigeria.

“We have no choice than to believe that the Nigerian government over their levity on the issue of unknown gunmen is putting the lives of South-East and South-South people in danger.”

“Why is the Nigerian Police still standing aloof on the activities of unknown gunmen in Imo state? Is the Police intelligence dead?

“What are they really doing about the killings of its officers and men since over two months?

“Does it mean that the Nigeria Police Force lack the ability to curtail this armed gang?

“How can this syndicate or gangsters continue to execute their plans without repel?” Igboayaka queried.

The OYC president stressed that security is the prime goal of every government, and, therefore, gave the Nigerian government 14 days to arrest and prosecute all the so-called unknown gunmen in the old Eastern region.

He stated that OYC will apply every local security measures in the various communities, recruit Igbo young men from 18 years and above into local vigilante to confront any kind of attack from armed gang against survival in Igbo land.

“As we continue with our private investigations on the activities of armed gang that have been killing Igbo security personnel to cause crises in Igbo land, we give 14 days ultimatum to every militia group, armed gang, Fulani herdsmen, especially in Enugu and Ebonyi operating in Southeast and South-South to vacate or they will meet their waterloo.” he added.

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